The municipality of Rosario joins the Federal Argentina blockchain

The Argentine federal blockchain “BFA” has added a new partner to its national conglomerate and this time it is the municipality of Rosario, which joins the public multiservice platform of the South American state.

The announcement of the official report of the Ministry of Modernization and Proximity of the Community on September 4th through the social network Twitter, Mark the opportunity as a step “On the way to deepening politics in questions of transparency and efficiency of the state”.

The BFA is the first national public use platform based on the blockchain that enables the execution of applications and systems that improve the processes of organizations in the public and private sectors across the country.

The municipality of Rosario joins the Federal Argentina blockchain
The municipality of Rosario joins the Federal Argentina blockchain

The multi-service platform enables the use of vertical applications that can be used to create contracts, tenders, academic titles, transactions and endless operations, which, given the blockchain technology, ensure transparency and immutability throughout the process, without costs or cryptocurrencies Your transactions.

The platform currently has more than 50 parties working together to develop and use its network, from public institutions to private organizations, including some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

The Rosario Municipality Union is the second of its kind to join the blockchain platform of the Federal of Argentina after the Carlos Casares Municipality joined the public network to use its technology on May 13, 2019.

At that time, the municipality pointed to the introduction of the Argentine federal blockchain to certify the electronic editions of the Official Gazette through disruptive technology, which can be found in the “Certification with Blockchain” section on the municipality’s website.

Inclusion in times of pandemic

The incorporation of the municipality of Rosario into the BFA contributes to the recent inclusion of the Argentine building chamber in the decentralized public network.

On August 18, Cointelegraph reported on the Chamber’s announcement via its web portal to include it in the multi-service platform in order to integrate services and applications into the BFA.

At that time, the declaration pointed to the improvement of processes within the college through the features of blockchain technology such as interoperability, transparency and the specificity of the BFA to function without associated cryptocurrency.

The structure of Federal Argentina’s blockchain network is subject to the Proof of Authority “PoA” consensus model, in which transactions are free and the platform provides the fuel or gas ether for this free of charge.

The platform software is based on an open and robust implementation. All changes and developments made are equally open so that they can be publicly examined by any interested party, even if they are not part of the consortium.

Currently, the platform is one of the few in the world that allows state and private management to be managed in a single network for free., where participants have the opportunity to offer their services for free to participate in the maintenance and growth of the blockchain network.

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