The Mexican platform that helps you resell that flight that you will no longer take arose from the lack of a secure option that would guarantee the process of reselling airline tickets. Today it is an option that helps travelers who live the ravages of epidemiological alert.

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The Mexican platform that helps you resell that flight that you will no longer take
The Mexican platform that helps you resell that flight that you will no longer take

One of the industries that will most resent the economic effects of the pandemic is aviation: the closure of borders, restrictions on flying , cancellations of events, business trips and vacation periods have collapsed in a matter of weeks any growth projection that the airlines have for this year.

Users have also been in serious trouble getting rid of their flights or finding one that will return them to their place of origin. However, in Mexico there is a platform that can make it easier for both groups to find a substitute traveler or the flight they have been looking for.

Refly was born from another tragedy, a minor tragedy, but a tragedy at last.

“We had a bachelor party for a wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding was canceled. The 19 people who had bought plane tickets for the farewell found ourselves in need of getting rid of the trip, ”says Shantal Jordana, co-founder of Refly.

In the absence of a refund for cancellation (except for some airlines that allow it as long as it is made within 24 hours of purchase), the young people thought of creating a platform that allows them to resell flights safely, without putting risk the validity of the transaction, as can happen when a flight is offered on social networks, for example.

The platform works as follows for the user who wants to sell a flight:

  • The user enters , where the first thing to do is create an account.
  • The seller records the details of your flight, the original price and the one you want to sell them to, and the same system adds the cost for the name change, which will be absorbed by the buyer.
  • When publishing your ad, it goes through a validation process in which the administrators verify that the offer is real (it is validated that the days and times are correct and that the seller is in time to make a name change on their ticket).
  • Once the resale is authorized, the seller can choose if he wants to promote his offer, for which he must pay a cost depending on the chosen package.
  • If you don't choose to promote it, the post is free.

The way that Refly earns for each ticket is through two ways: the first, when the seller chooses to promote their publication. For this, you can choose between the Basic, Plus or VIP packages. Each offers benefits ranging from appearing on the main page of the platform to having advertising on their social networks.

The second is the 10% charge on the ticket sold, that is, if the user did not choose an additional advertising package, he will only have to pay a fee in case his ticket is sold.

A quick glance at the home page shows discounts of over 50% on routes such as Chihuahua-Mexico, Ciudad Juárez-Mexico City, Mexico City-Cancún or Monterrey-Mérida.

In recent days, offers have increased due to the health emergency in the country and in much of the world.

“We noticed an approximate 100 percent increase in the number of flights being resold. Likewise, we find people who want to return to their destination as soon as possible, before this becomes more complicated, “says Jordana.

Before the pandemic, the average number of flights offered on was between 1,200 and 1,200 per month, while now they are above 2,400, at the end of the first month of health alert.

The flights that have been published the most these days to resell have as destinations the main airports of the country and some important tourist cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Cancun, Tijuana, Merida, Los Angeles and New York.

Meanwhile, if you were planning to resell or cancel flights to any of these destinations, consider that they are the ones with the least purchase interest that usually awaken on the platform: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Puerto Escondido, Huatulco and Hermosillo.

Publishing a flight through Refly allows users to not lose the total amount invested and that someone else can benefit, mainly at a time when traveling, vacationing, returning, leaving has become complex …

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