The Mexican exchange will list cryptocurrencies to offer derivative contracts in the stock markets

The CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) said in an interview broadcast on the official YouTube channel of the BMV that he is considering trading cryptocurrency futures on the exchange in addition to the futures derivatives market.TO

In the transmitted interview, Josà © Oriol Bosch pointed out that the Mexican exchange is looking for appropriate permits to start operations in the cryptocurrency market, as they are doing in other markets around the world and even from Latin America.

In the statements of the head of the organization, he stated that he estimates that cryptocurrencies show the expected development. because so far there have been doubts about them and that makes them unreliable, so that the ignorance of who created the Bitcoin is currently creating a negative expectation in more traditional sectors.

The Mexican exchange will list cryptocurrencies to offer derivative contracts in the stock markets
The Mexican exchange will list cryptocurrencies to offer derivative contracts in the stock markets

An investor’s use and habit of knowing that he is buying a stake in a company with a defined structure and purpose, in addition to knowing that there is a human team behind it developing an activity, creates the certainty of ownership , this does not happen with cryptocurrencies, and therefore it costs even more to instill confidence in the surrounding market, which makes it volatile and unstable.

The organization’s intention to list cryptocurrencies is a reality, but it argues that it is not a unilateral decision as it is defined as an organization as an intermediary between one market that wants to buy and another that wants to sell , but ultimately needs the required permission to include digital assets in trading instruments.

With that in mind, he said, “We are in the process of getting approval to list cryptocurrency futures on MexDer, but Mexico’s tax authorities have been more conservative than others in this area.”

Mexico is one of the countries with an exponentially growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies, despite the fact that they are not regulated or regulated in that country, and therefore its inclusion in the stock market is a sign of progress in the acceptance of their use.

With a peculiar vision and explanation, the CEO said that he regards cryptocurrencies as the evolution of money, just as it used to be the issuance of banknotes without physical gold or the issuance of the credit card in your opportunity. He wants to make it clear that changes in financial systems are inherently resistant to change and that ultimately everything is centered on trust and trust arises from certainty and knowledge.

The fact that Satoshi Nakamoto is an absolute mystery for the community does not yet generate trust among many actors in the financial system and thus the resistance that is currently shown within these financial actors.

If the list of cryptocurrencies is reached on the exchange, it would join the exchanges of Chile, Brazil and Peru, to mention Latin America.

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