The Mexican businessman develops the first groundbreaking B2B marketplace in the Latin American market

The Mexican company Market Choice B2B announced the launch of a new solution for selling products online on an industrial scale. This innovative application aims to provide effective solutions for buying / selling products between companies via a fast, secure and reliable platform. The company announced this in Mexico City in a press release that was published in November this year.

According to Carlos Calderón, founder and CEO of Market Choice B2B, the business-to-business market is unique in the Latin American market and will accelerate the buying / selling process of loans and cash between the companies involved.

The application offers an innovative way of doing business as it offers the ability to purchase products on credit, with a company certification system to ensure security and confidence in transactions. In addition, you can create delivery reminders for various logistics companies.

The Mexican businessman develops the first groundbreaking B2B marketplace in the Latin American market
The Mexican businessman develops the first groundbreaking B2B marketplace in the Latin American market

Mexican businessman Carlos Calderón said the company is conducting a painstaking study of the credit capacity of each party involved in the transaction in order to ensure the reliability and safety of the operations being conducted on the platform.

“We take a commercial and financial x-ray of buyers and sellers, which makes it possible to generate highly secure transactions between companies”, said Carlos Calderón, CEO and founder of the company.

The platform, which will be the first corporate social network in Mexico, will be available for the Mexican market, the United States, Canada and most of Latin America. and in the medium term it will enter the European market.

Likewise, the Market Choice B2B platform will be available free of charge from November 5th this year and can be downloaded by users on iOS and Android devices. It will also have a web version to make it easier for users to access. the platform.

The notice also shows that due to the current global health situation, the company will offer the premium version and the transaction fees free of charge to support the companies involved in this context.

“We believe in e-commerce without borders and in a place where companies can express themselves freely while staying connected to safely create new business opportunities.”says the CEO of Market Choice B2B.

Market Choice B2B: How It Works

Market Choice B2B is featured in the Latin American e-commerce sector with a targeted buy / sell solution for businesses on credit.

Via a free app available for Android and IOS devices, users can enter their company profile and have access to the following options: product search, viewing company profiles, transactions through the application and access to, among other things, the history of your company.

On this platform, companies can create their profile as a supplier or seller, in which they have access to an administration system in which, among other things, they can describe their specific business, their location and also create content about their products. Convene prospects and create multimedia materials for training and learning. In addition, the website acts as a social network that facilitates communication between companies, including real-time chat.

In this regard, the company’s founder and CEO adds:

“After three years of hard work, we launched the first B2B marketplace of its kind. What sets us apart from other existing platforms is the ability to accelerate inter-company sales by creating the ability to conduct secure credit transactions with a single price per transaction, a solution that has not previously been presented digitally. “he commented.

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