The MEPs of the Brexit Party, the winners outside the Eurocamara


The 29 MEPs of the Brexit Party, the British Eurosceptic training led by Nigel Farage, are on average the ones who earn the most money outside their activity as members of the Eurochamber, according to an International Transparency report that also highlights the salaries of the League Italian and the Polish Civic Platform.

Each MEP receives a gross annual salary of 105,000 euros, compatible with other public positions or income as long as they submit their declaration of assets. These statements are public and it follows that 521 of the 748 representatives in the European Chamber have activities outside – 1,051 of which 842 involve some remuneration.

The MEPs of the Brexit Party, the winners outside the Eurocamara
The MEPs of the Brexit Party, the winners outside the Eurocamara

MEPs, however, are not required to report the exact income, but are limited to marking a money fork. According to Transparency International, external salaries range between almost 6.4 million euros and just over 16.2 million per year.

In 48 cases, MEPs have marked a salary fork that exceeds the salary they receive each year from the European Parliament. Ben Habin, of the Brexit Party, tops the list, with some 960,000 euros of additional annual income.

Transparency International has confirmed that the declarations of external income are distributed in all political groups, although the case of the 'non-aligned' stands out, where the highest total income is recorded.

To this group belongs the Farage formation, which with 29 MEPs ties with the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) as a party with more representatives. Members of the Brexit Party have confirmed total revenues that would range from just over 2 million euros to 4.68 million.

Behind are the MEPs of the League, Matteo Salvini's party, and Civic Platform. Among the ten formations highlighted by Transparency does not include any Spanish.

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