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The mayor of Lampedusa asks for the landing of the ‘Open Arms’: “Now we are in the ridiculous”

August 16, 2019


The mayor of the Italian city of Lampedusa, Salvatore Martello, has requested that the landing of migrants and refugees who remain on board the 'Open Arms' be authorized and that there be no gestures with “droppers.” “Now we are in the farce, in the ridiculous,” he lamented.

In his opinion, “if there is a serious problem on a ship, it is useless to be dropped to droppers,” alluding to the specific permits that have been granted in recent hours for medical and humanitarian reasons. On board the 'Open Arms' there are still more than a hundred people.

Martello, of the Democratic Party (PD), has explained to the Adnkronos agency that his position has always been the same and has advocated allowing the descent of all these migrants. “A fisherman who needs to take refuge in any part of the world obtains the authorization and gives him that refuge. I do not understand why a boat – regardless of the fact that there are migrants on board – who wants to enter the port due to the bad conditions cannot” , has warned.

The authorization now depends on the prefecture of the Sicilian province of Agrigento, which seems to be waiting for the guidelines that can be set by the Ministry of Interior headed by Matteo Salvini. The Prosecutor's Office could intervene if it understands that the situation threatens to be complicated or perceives that a crime is committed by not applying the judicial resolution that authorized the entry of the 'Open Arms' into Italian waters on Tuesday, according to the newspaper 'La Repubblica'.