The ‘Mare Jonio’ ​​urgently asks for a landing port in the absence of water

ROME, 30 Aug. –

The 'Mare Jonio', the rescue ship of the Italian NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans, has requested Friday that a port be assigned urgently to disembark the 34 migrants who still remain on board due to lack of water.

The Italian authorities allowed late on Thursday the landing of 64 of the migrants who had been rescued the previous day by the NGO, including 22 minors as well as all women and some sick. All of them have spent the night already in the detention center of Lampedusa, an island in front of which the bard remains anchored, without entering Italian waters.

The ‘Mare Jonio’ ​​urgently asks for a landing port in the absence of water
The ‘Mare Jonio’ ​​urgently asks for a landing port in the absence of water

The health personnel aboard the ship sent a new “urgent entry into port early in the morning because of the risk of a sanitary-sanitary emergency”.

As explained by the Italian NGO in a statement, there is a lack of water intended for hygienic use and other needs on board, “a fault that has lasted for more than 40 hours and that the authorities were already informed” on Thursday morning, and that “it cannot be solved by simply sending water bottles.”

“The risk of diseases is aggravated by the lack of water, with the consequent possible damage to the health of the rescued and the crew,” Mediterranea has prevented.

The NGO has also called attention to the presence on board of waste derived from the rescue and the presence on board of migrants, such as clothes impregnated with fuel. ”

On the other hand, 62 migrants have arrived overnight in the mainland of Italy, according to the agency AdnKronos. The migrants, all Pakistanis, have been located on the island of San Andrea and transferred to Gallipoli, in the province of Lecce, by the Coast Guard.

In addition, the Coast Guard has found in the vicinity a sailboat with two men on board that is believed to have been the one who took the migrants to the island. Among the rescued are nine minors.

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