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The main network of Polkadot is not yet active

May 27, 2020

Polkadot (DOT) launched a separate blockchain today, although the network is not yet considered the project’s primary network.

Polkadot is managed by the blockchain infrastructure company Parity Technologies and the Web3 Foundation, a kind of decentralized technology incubator. The Polkadot protocol is intended to ensure compatibility between different blockchains.

“There could be more than one candidate for the network before it officially joins the core network,” said Peter Mauric, head of public affairs at Parity Technologies. The solution revealed a kind of test network in 2019. Polkadot called the exploration product “Kusama” and did not refer to it as a test network, but as a “Canarian network”.

The main network of Polkadot is not yet activeThe main network of Polkadot is not yet active

“Polkadot’s first candidate chain (‘CC1’), which could well become Polkadot’s main network, has been launched,” said Gavin Wood, co-founder and Polkadot builder of Ethereum, in a May 26 post. The recent launch of the network is part of a game plan to set up a blockchain for the main network. “CC1 is our first candidate for the Polkadot backbone,” said Wood.

Chains start more centrally

The Kusama test network went through a similar process, said Mauric. The final choice fell on two separate experimental blockchain options.

Polkadot relies on the Consensus of Authority (PoA) in the early stages of networks. The PoA uses fewer network participants and requires less approval for changes. As a central approach, PoA helps to get things started at an early stage.

“It enables us to ensure the stability of the validators and to give them the opportunity to signal their intention to validate before we proceed to the participation test,” said Mauric of PoA.

Wood said the team expected the community to choose CC1 as the main network’s official network, although he didn’t rule out one or two more chains participating in the race.

Holders of DOT tokens can claim and use their assets

Polkadot made its first coin offering in 2017 and sold DOT tokens to around 4,000 people during presale. In today’s CC1 network news, these tokens are not released for transmission, although these days are still pending government action.

Claiming and betting DOT is currently possible, Wood said. He added:

“Nothing is really at stake during this phase and no rewards will be paid out. However, as we proceed to the next phase, the community validators will be selected to maintain the network as generally supported by DOT and our staff. Take Test System ( NPoS) will be live. If you want to be at it from scratch, you have to bet now. “

In early 2020, Polkadot revealed the integration of Kusama into Chainlink, another project that works on the interoperability side of the industry.

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