the magic formula to become a millionaire, Facebook is now meta, meme coins on the rise and much more

Investors are moving cautiously after a relatively good week. This good run was mainly driven by the tech sector which has been doing very well lately. The big surprise of the last minute turned out to be weaker than expected reports from Amazon and Apple. That explains the mixed terrain on Wall Street this Friday. The current optimism relates to corporate income. In general, big companies make money. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all corporations will react the same to the recovery. We can assume that some companies are better than others. It is important that there is general optimism. That drives up prices.

In the crypto universe, the same optimism has now led us to new all-time highs everywhere. While it is true that Bitcoin is currently below its all-time high, it could be assumed that sooner or later we will win this battle. Corrections are followed by rebounds. And the energy is enough to go much higher in the next few weeks. Only a true tragedy could stop this upward trend. With the winds that blow, we’ll have a merry Christmas.

Now let’s talk about this week’s most popular crypto news.

the magic formula to become a millionaire, Facebook is now meta, meme coins on the rise and much more
the magic formula to become a millionaire, Facebook is now meta, meme coins on the rise and much more

The magic formula to get rich overnight. We are told that it exists. We are told that someone has used it successfully. But we are also told that we cannot replicate it. The miracle algorithm is certainly the new Dorado. Illusion drives us, but it is of little use in practice. As an investor, we need to think about our investment. We need to educate ourselves and work on our strategy. In fact, the myth of the magic algorithm is of no use to us.

Well, there are algorithms that work. That is, they offer results for a time. But they don’t work all the time. And in most cases they need to be updated regularly. That said, trading algorithms is not as easy as it sounds. The thing has a hand. It requires a very special technical sophistication. The story sounds simple after the fact. But the fact that the results cannot be reproduced is a sign of true complexity in the heart.

People love a tip. That explains the popularity of this type of article. Almost every week, an article of this type hits the prestigious list of top crypto news of the week. This is an indicator of the reader’s craving for the simplest solutions. It’s easier to resort to a tip than it is to get the job done. And it is easier to trust a supposed expert than our own criteria.

The best we can do is invest with a strategy. We have to build a balanced and diversified portfolio, taking into account the risks and opportunities. It is best to conduct a detailed study on each project. Does it have potential? Is it useful? Is there a community? Do you have a good team of promoters? Do you have a good development team? If the only criterion for buying a crypto-asset is that it will rise sharply very soon, then we are certainly the victim of a manipulation. In general, it is not a bad idea to be suspicious of a tip.

Here is an example of an orchestrated campaign to raise the price of a cryptocurrency. â ???? Could increase by more than 300% -. Fountain, Any small and illiquid project can triple that with the right promotion. And if you have a lot of units floating around, you can get huge market capitalization (on paper).

Suppose a new currency hits the market with more than a billion units in circulation. Initially, the coin could be worth a few cents. Now the first big purchase could be made with appropriate advertising. This could mean a significant price hike. Then, to get the capitalization, we need to multiply the price of the unit by all the units in circulation. Nevertheless, everything is a numbers game.TO

Numbers are used a lot in the crypto market. But basically it’s a big manipulation. What is the daily volume? What is the total offer? How high is the liquidity? If we were to just look at the percentage price and capital increases, we could get a very limited picture of the coin.TO

Shiba goes up. Shiba low. This project is obviously benefiting from the Dogecoin boom. The meme coin sector is completely irrational. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to understand it. These are essentially speculative assets. AND its success depends almost entirely on funding. That is, they rise when they become fashionable. It’s that simple. Profits can be extraordinary due to the lack of liquidity in the market. That means extreme volatility. In other words, you can make a lot of money. But you can also lose a lot of money. Investing in meme coins is like playing with fire.

The donkey returns to the wheat. Another article with tips. This time we give tips in the NFT area. The most revealing is the headline. â ???? You can increase by more than 200% -. That was the catch that attracted readers. Incredibly, there are still people who say this market is not speculative. Ideas seem more important than profit. Personally, I have nothing against profit. In fact, I love it. My campaign is against the empty recommendation. This market needs a more demanding investor. With a more experienced investor, we could achieve a little more stability and sanity.

The NFT sector generally offers many opportunities. That means industry leaders are a pretty reasonable investment option. In this case, it is best to invest in the projects with the greatest potential. We can measure that in part by the growth of the users. I insist. It’s best to do your homework alone. The worst part is hearing a tip.

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