The MaDeCa template for entrepreneurs who want to be successful after COVID-19

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The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

The MaDeCa template for entrepreneurs who want to be successful after COVID-19
The MaDeCa template for entrepreneurs who want to be successful after COVID-19

Do I have to tell you about the problems and difficulties the pandemic has caused? Does it help us to sit down together and cry?

If you say no, you think that this context presents us with a challenge, a challenge, and invites us to be even better than before. This article will interest you.

After a few months of this extraordinary situation in which the world has become upside downThis is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who can analyze it carefully and then act decisively.

With that in mind, I suggest mine MaDeCa template so that you can act precisely and thus use this context and stand out from your competitors (download here).



It would be a big mistake to drive blind in this very volatile environment.

Think that there is no explorer who ventures into unknown territory without a map and no travelers who do so without a GPS.

Well: what data are the keys that need to be considered? Basically of two types. The first related to objects and the second to people. That is, analyzing which ones are being strengthened (for example, in Argentina, the companies that sell construction goods, agriculture and essential services).

On the personal side, I suggest that you focus on three key aspects:

  1. New needs: For example, adult grooming or walking with pets.
  2. New behaviors: There could be the long distance calls for more time to be connected. Or even the use of alcohol gel and other preventive measures like the use of masks (in fact, many people started making these successfully).
  3. Changes in consumer habits: For example, the significant increase in food deliveries at home instead of going to a restaurant.

To learn more about what social behavior will be like after the pandemic, I recommend reading this article.



It consists in making a list of no more than five positive traits that we have.

The prerequisite is that they are applied characteristics that are converted into concrete and specific behaviors. We must avoid those that, no matter how valuable, we never or rarely use. They have to be real and undesirable.

To illustrate this, I mention curiosity, perseverance, or the ability to analyze.

What gives strength to this second part is that it gives us a good dose of self-worth so that we can have confidence in our actions and decisions. And its effectiveness will depend directly on the realism with which we have identified our positive traits. In other words, for it to work, they have to be true.

As a guide, I suggest using the concept of Self-confidence from the book Emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman.



Finally, the third stage of the model is called channel.

After a self-observation exercise, we will reveal our main negative emotions in this pandemic context and determine a specific corrective action.

The goal is to identify, manage, and align them in our favor. We will do this on the premise that poorly processed emotions are inappropriately expressed and potentially damaging relationships with others or ourselves.

Example: Before fearwould correspond To inform. Before the sadness, Seek support and socialize with positive people. The Concern, concern we can get around it analysis.


As with these tools, their use is personal and depends on the reading of the user. Anyway, I want to tell you what my idea is at the time of development and the best way to do it is with a practical case.

Juan Carlos had a shop that bought and sold women’s clothes, which he distributed in his private car in towns near where he lived.

After the quarantine was imposed, their exits became impossible and it had to be added that the services previously offered were discontinued as customers started buying directly from the internet and their visits became unnecessary.

At that moment he is confused, he does not know which direction to go and although he has experienced similar situations before, he felt good about his job and the effects of the pandemic surprised him.

With this data, the recommendation is:

1. Conduct a survey about how the company works and you know: The one with the clothes. You can do this by consulting newspapers and specialized bodies (chambers of commerce, reports on the textile industry, etc.).

Then analyze the expected immediate and mediating future. For example, if you find that according to specialists, recovery will be in a year, then you should think about another area of ​​work. And this would be the second part: survey which were preferred by the pandemic as the first guide. Suppose it was for pet food.

2. Determine within this category (pets) which behavior has occurred. We see that he is walking the dog. With this new data, he could eventually begin to market this food through contact with hikers who would be his ambassadors or become hikers who add a catering service themselves.

3. You need to strengthen your positive qualities. The expectation is that you will feel diminished and frustrated in this situation. It is important that after a process of introspection, you get a better understanding of your side in order to evaluate it. You will need it.

4. Lastly, you need to keep your negative emotions in check. To do this, you need to create the list of main actions and define specific actions that can be used to mitigate them. This way you always have some kind of card at hand to aid you in your actions. Here is a video of the explanation.

Finally, I recommend keeping a diary or log in which we write down the daily goals and at the end of the day describe the emotions and thoughts we are experiencing. All this information must be put to the service of the continuous improvement of the staff, which is refined after each application.

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