The M5S states that Salvini is no longer a “credible” partner

ROME, Aug. 18 (Reuters / EP) –

The 5-Star Movement (M5S), a partner of the League party in the Italian coalition government, has pointed out the leader of the far-right party, Matteo Salvini, for considering that he is no longer a “credible” partner.

The management of the M5S has met this Sunday at the house of the founder of the party, the comedian Beppe Grillo, to agree on a position before intervention next Tuesday before the Senate of the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.

The M5S states that Salvini is no longer a “credible” partner
The M5S states that Salvini is no longer a “credible” partner

“All those present have agreed that Salvini is no longer a credible interlocutor,” explained the M5S in a statement. At the meeting was the leader of the formation, Luigi Di Maio; the spokesman in the lower house, Roberto Fico; and the charismatic leader Alessandro Di Batista.

Salvini announced on August 8 his intention to break the coalition with the M5S after 14 months of government to take advantage of his growing popularity and force early elections and become prime minister. However, the motion for censure motion was rejected by the M5S and the Democratic Party in opposition. Now Salvini has softened his position and could continue to govern with the M5S after a crisis that renews government ministers.

Following the M5S statement, Salvini has expressed his willingness to listen to Conte with an open-mindedness and has warned of the risk of an M5S-PD coalition government that will do “everything humanly possible to avoid.” However, he has recognized during an act in Luca, in Tuscany, that he does not have the votes to avoid a “loser government”, referring to the victory of the League in the recent European elections.

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