The M5S and the PD meet again this Wednesday in a “positive” climate to reach an agreement

The political future of Conte and Di Maio marks negotiations that have allowed Tuesday to bring positions closer


The 5 Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD) have made a “positive” balance of the meetings held on Tuesday to try to close a program and a coalition government, so they were summoned again on Wednesday to first hour with a view to avoiding the convening of early parliamentary elections in Italy.

The two parties negotiate a possible alternative alliance to the one that Italy has been ruling in this last year and a half, formed by the M5S of Luigi Di Maio and the Matteo Salvini League. They will have to render accounts this Wednesday afternoon before the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, who started a new round of consultations on Tuesday.

The M5S and the PD meet again this Wednesday in a “positive” climate to reach an agreement
The M5S and the PD meet again this Wednesday in a “positive” climate to reach an agreement

“The work is not finished, but it has been very positive,” said the leader of the PD in the Senate, Andrea Marcucci, who has given voice to a seemingly widespread feeling among those who have attended the different meetings and that has been done especially palpable in the ranks of this match, according to sources consulted by the Adnkronos agency.

The M5S has put on the table the ten points that it already set last week as conditions for negotiation, including the reduction of the number of legislators and, according to its Senate leader, Stefano Patuanelli, in general there has been a “good climate “between the two parties. “As I always say, I am optimistic by nature,” he said when asked about the possibility of an agreement.

The main obstacle during the morning would have been in continuity as Prime Minister of Giuseppe Conte, whose resignation last week – under the threat of a motion of censure filed against him by the League – triggered the current negotiation process. The PD would have initially opposed the permanence of Conte, defended instead by the M5S.

“What veto? The reality is that there is no veto”, has settled the leader of the PD in the Chamber of Deputies, Graziano Delrio. These and other “opening words” have been valued “positively” by the M5S, which has insisted in a statement on the need to work around “programs and issues” and not simply speak political positions.

As the M5S had denounced early in the day, during the talks held so far the PD “only talk about positions and ministries” but not about “issues or budget.” “So we are not doing well,” said the training led by Luigi Di Maio.

However, PD sources cited by the agency AdnKronos have also warned that “the government agreement runs the risk of jumping for personal ambitions” of Di Maio himself, “who wants to be Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.” “He is not right about this and wants to move forward with an ultimatum,” the sources have denounced.

The M5S has denied that Di Maio has claimed a specific charge, although in the PD they oppose in principle that he may be deputy prime minister, since they consider that Conte's permanence is already a concession. Among the names that sound like possible deputy prime ministers of the PD are the deputies Andrea Orlando and Dario Franceschini, according to Adnkronos.

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