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The Lima Group rejects the designation of the Venezuelan CNE and assures that it “violates” the constitution

June 17, 2020

The Lima Group, which is made up of countries in the region to promote a political solution to the Venezuelan crisis, rejected Tuesday’s intervention by the Caribbean country’s Supreme Court (TSJ) to renew the National Electoral Council (CNE) this assured that the verdict “openly violates the Venezuelan constitution”.

In a statement supported by most of the group’s countries, the Lima Group also affirms that the TSJ’s intervention, which it has termed “illegal” and “ignorance”, “undermines the minimum guarantees required for each process “Elections and the Return of Democracy in Venezuela”.

With this in mind, they have repeated that “only holding free, fair and credible parliamentary and presidential elections with an independent CNE, an impartial Supreme Court and full freedom of the press and political participation of all Venezuelans will ensure the conditions for overcoming the Venezuelan crisis.”