The leader of Hong Kong condemns the “unprecedented” violence of the last hours in the territory


The leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, has condemned this Saturday the rebound of “intolerable and unprecedented” violence that has shaken the city in the last hours within the wave of demonstrations against the Hong Kong Government, and caused the partial suspension of the services and shops throughout this day.

Lam has made these statements in a video broadcast by the main chains of the territory, where he is flanked by most of his Council of Ministers.

The leader of Hong Kong condemns the “unprecedented” violence of the last hours in the territory
The leader of Hong Kong condemns the “unprecedented” violence of the last hours in the territory

In her appearance, just five minutes, the leader of Hong Kong has once again defended the emergency law she declared this week to ban the use of masks by protesters who have been protesting against Chinese rule for more than three months and in favor of democracy.

“I ask the population to support the Government of Hong Kong to stop this violence as dictated by law. We condemn the violence together,” the president asked in the video. “This Friday was a dark night, which has left the city semi-paralyzed,” he added.

The entire Hong Kong rail network is in detention, while dozens of shopping centers, stores and banks have closed their doors this Saturday. The transport operator MTR has explained that the decision has been taken to ensure the safety of its personnel “before being able to travel to the affected stations to inspect and assess the extent of the damage,” according to a statement collected by the 'South China Morning Post '.

The incidents of this past night have occurred just after the declaration of this emergency law, a residue of the colonial era under British rule, which imposes penalties of up to one year in prison and penalties of up to 25,000 Hong Kong dollars (2,900 euros) for those who skip the restriction, which goes into effect this Saturday.

The security forces have used tear gas and rubber balls to disperse the protesters, some of whom have concentrated with their faces covered as a challenge to the authorities.

The decision of the head of the regional Executive comes the same week in which protesters have marred with their mobilizations the celebration of the day of commemoration of the seventieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China, on a day in which the police fired with real ammunition against protesters in Hong Kong, seriously injuring one of them.

The Chinese Government has expressed its support for the law applied by the leader of the Hong Kong Government through the mouth of a spokesman for the Office of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Yang Guang, who has warned that the chaos situation in which The former British colony lives mired, it cannot continue indefinitely.

According to Beijing, the protests threaten to lead to a revolution with foreign intervention.

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