The large Polish insurer implements blockchain to manage its files

The Polish insurance company Link4, Partnership with the company “Coinfirm”to handle regulatory technology or RecTech (for its original name in English) Optimize correspondence and storage from your files with a blockchain-based system.

“Trudatum”, the tool apparently developed by Coinfirm enables the transfer and storage of digital documents and ensures their immutability. For Link4 customers, this means that they can Access and review your policies onlineThis reduces the company’s large paper consumption.

Link4 is taken into account the leading company in the direct insurance market in Poland. The company was founded in 2003 and apparently was the first on the local market when selling car insurance only via telephone and internet.

The large Polish insurer implements blockchain to manage its files
The large Polish insurer implements blockchain to manage its files

The implementation of this system is another technological step for the company. Agnieszka Wrońska, President of the Link4 Board of Directors.

“We have focused on this for a long time modern and safe solutions, and this technology without a doubt fits perfectlythat guarantees the storage of files without the ability to edit them. This is an advantage for our customers, who can find their registration card or their insurance conditions, for example in the same place, with no changes“”

These tools have been approved by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, is considered “the watchdog” in the field that there is much to talk about.

Other applications in the insurance industry

Other insurance companies around the world You use this system in various operational aspects.

Earlier this year Cointelegraph reported that In China, there are insurers that use blockchain to process corona virus claims. This was activated by Xiang Hu Bao, a collective blockchain platform, according to the account with 104 million users.

On the other hand in December 2019 “anthem”- the second largest insurance company in the United States – announced plans Use blockchain to secure the data of its 40 million users in the next three years.

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