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The Labor Party asks that the parliamentary recess be suspended due to the Brexit crisis

August 19, 2019

LONDON, Aug 19 (Reuters / EP) –

The Labor Party has demanded that the summer break be suspended in the House of Commons to discuss the crisis opened by the process of leaving the United Kingdom from the European Union, within which the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, wants to start to make contacts in the next few days for a possible motion of censure.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set a priority objective to get the United Kingdom out of the EU on October 31, with or without a compromise. The Labor Party – and theoretically a majority of the deputies – fear the consequences of a disorderly Brexit and are already studying alternatives.

The Labor Party asks that the parliamentary recess be suspended due to the Brexit crisisThe Labor Party asks that the parliamentary recess be suspended due to the Brexit crisis

The 'number two' of Corbyn, John McDonnell, has affirmed that “it is necessary to reunite the deputies” – the return is not foreseen until September 3 -, in order to have an “appropriate debate” on the scenarios that could open. An official report published on Sunday by 'The Sunday Times' warned of a stage of fuel, food and medicine shortages if the United Kingdom leaves the EU without agreement.

McDonnell has confirmed to the BBC that Corbyn plans to meet next week with representatives of other parties to have the “real tactics” on the table to “prevent a Brexit without agreement.” The Labor leader has raised the possibility of presenting a motion of censure that would leave him as prime minister until the holding of new elections.

This hypothetical Corbyn leadership generates misgivings among those who should be his supporters, for example the Liberal Democratic Party, and also in the ruling Conservative Party. “I don't see how (Corbyn) could lead a government of national unity,” deputy 'tory' Dominic Grieve told public television.

However, Grieve has been willing to “cooperate” with both Corbyn and others who, within the House of Commons, are willing to work to ensure that the “threats” of the Government are not met and the United Kingdom does not abandon abruptly the community block on October 31.

Johnson, meanwhile, has not shown signs of changing positions and maintains its official agenda, which includes contacts with European leaders that he would theoretically have to convince for the EU to open up to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement. An Elysium source has announced that French President Emmanuel Macron will receive the British 'premier' on Thursday for a work dinner, a day after Johnson meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.