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The King of Morocco operated “successfully” from the heart

June 15, 2020

King Mohamed VI Morocco has undergone a “successful” heart operation, in particular to correct a “heart rhythm disorder” caused by high frequency, as the Royal Palace reported in a short statement late Sunday.

The 56-year-old monarch showed atrial flutter, which was eventually corrected using the ablation technique used to treat the tissue responsible for heart failure. This is a “complementary ablation” that would add to the ablation performed in a Paris hospital in 2018.

The last intervention that enabled “the restoration of normal heart rhythm” took place on Sunday in the palace clinic. This emerges from a message from the official news agency MAP, in which no estimated recovery time is given. .

The King of Morocco operated “successfully” from the heartThe King of Morocco operated “successfully” from the heart

The health of Mohammed VI. Has been a recurring speculation in recent years, although the authorities typically do not confirm or reject the information published. They also fail to clarify the reasons for the king’s public absences, which were never addressed to the population during the COVID-19 health crisis.