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The judge accepts the defense of Craig Wright, who claims he has “autism,” for which he says no sanctions are imposed

June 25, 2020

Craig Wright, the man who proclaims Satoshi Nakamoto will not be subject to legal sanctions and has been authorized to present an expert to support his autism declarationif the Kleiman case goes to trial within two weeks.

According to court records from June 24th District judge Beth Bloom has spoken out against an application filed by the Kleiman legal team on May 21 in which he called for sanctions to be imposed rather than a process in response to his claims that Wright was “engaged, falsified, and involved in judicial abuse”.

Even if Assess flower admits that the Kleiman team ultimately raised allegations of “worrying issues” regarding Wright’s credibility and conduct It was decided that all of the allegations “are best suited for a jury to bring a fact finder to justice” and are not a reason for the court to impose sanctions.

Autism Defense of Wright’s “Inconsistent Statements”

The judge accepts the defense of Craig Wright, who claims he has “autism,” for which he says no sanctions are imposedThe judge accepts the defense of Craig Wright, who claims he has “autism,” for which he says no sanctions are imposed

In response to the modified collective application submitted by Kleiman’s legal team in May, Wright followed up with his own request and asked “an approved clinical psychologist” to act as an expert.

Wright said his witness had diagnosed him with an “autism spectrum disorder with high intellectual ability” that should be taken into account when evaluating his somewhat inconsistent statements in court.

Following Judge Bloom’s judgment, Wright’s defense of his autism is authorized to continue at this point. say what The psychologist could give a testimony that shows how his condition “can be mistakenly perceived as a false testimony”.B. an incomplete or “wrong” list of Bitcoin addresses.

The billionaire supports Wright to the core

Bitcoin SV billionaire benefactor Calvin Ayre tweeted his support Wright after the judge’s decisionclaiming that Kleiman’s lawyers tried to short-circuit the process, but the ruling would “allow Craig to go to court to this day.”

Ayre has made colorful statements in the past when it comes to Wright. During a previous trial in August, he tweeted that another judge who led the case decided that Wright was the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The judge did not make such a decision.

Kleiman v Wright wallpaper

The lawsuit concerns Wright and the estate of his alleged ex-partner Dave Kleiman., represented by his brother Ira and supported by a litigator.

After the death of the first, The legal team claims a share of the 1.1 million Bitcoin (BTC). – worth more than $ 10 billion at the moment of this issue – allegedly undermined in connection with Kleiman and access to “blockchain-related intellectual property”.

Wright has repeatedly denied that he and Kleiman worked together to mine BTC and develop such intellectual property. or that he stole something that belongs to his alleged ex-partner.

The trial, originally filed in February 2018, will be brought before a jury on July 6.

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