The JEP expels ‘Jes ú s Santrich’ and ‘El Paisa’ for “returning to the armed struggle”


The Special Jurisdiction for Peace, through its Appeal section, announced this Friday that it will expel Seuxis Paucias Hernández, alias 'Jesús Santrich', and Hernán Darío Velásquez, known as 'El Paisa', after appearing in a video with Iván Márquez in which they announced that they would resume the armed struggle for the alleged “betrayal” of the Government of Iván Duque to the peace agreement signed in 2016.

“This decision will be communicated to the corresponding judicial and administrative authorities and to the head of the verification mission of the United Nations peace process,” said the magistrate and the Eduardo Cifuentes Appeal section and collected Radio Caracol.

The JEP expels ‘Jes ú s Santrich’ and ‘El Paisa’ for “returning to the armed struggle”
The JEP expels ‘Jes ú s Santrich’ and ‘El Paisa’ for “returning to the armed struggle”

It is the first time since the creation of this institution that the JEP expels two people who decide to submit to this justice, according to the Colombian newspaper “El Espectador”. Similarly, Cifuentes has reported that “all rearmament and defectors who appear in Iván Márquez's video will be expelled from the JEP.”

'Jesus Santrich' was released on May 30, after several comings and goings in court by the arrest warrant issued against him by the United States for allegedly continuing with drug trafficking once the peace agreement is signed.

He was living in the Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space (ETCR) of Tierra Grata, in the department of César (north), where he was waiting in sight at the CSJ, but the National Protection Unit (UNP) alerted on July 1, that he had abandoned his “protection scheme.”

The Supreme Court issued an arrest warrant on July 9 against the former guerrilla, after he did not attend a hearing he was summoned. Interpol subsequently echoed this request on its website, where it published a red circular so that Santrich was arrested for the crimes of “concert to aggravate crime and traffic, manufacture or transport of aggravated narcotics.”

The decision to expel Santrich and 'El Paisa' comes after 'Iván Márquez', the one who was the chief negotiator of the FARC in the peace talks and who was missing for a year, reappeared in a video together to other leaders of the old guerrilla to announce “a new stage of struggle for the awakening of consciences.”

In the manifesto, 32 minutes long and broadcast on YouTube, 'Márquez' announced the creation of a new guerrilla, which takes the name and symbols of the FARC and would essentially bind the guerrilla dissent so it follows of the recording, to fight “the betrayal of the State to the peace accords of Havana” that ended five decades of armed struggle.

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, asked the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and the FARC party that the people who appeared in the video announcing the creation of a new guerrilla were “publicly expelled.”

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