The ‘Japanese trick’ to find meaning in life

We give you 2 exercises to use the “Ikigai” and to identify the value of your existence.

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The ‘Japanese trick’ to find meaning in life
The ‘Japanese trick’ to find meaning in life

I am convinced that in order to feel better, we have to recognize that fate depends on ourselves.

A few days ago I almost accidentally agreed to the concept Ikigai. For those who don’t know, the book makes it easier “The Ikigai method: awaken your true passion and fulfill your vital goals. “ by Francesc Miralles and Héctor García, published by Editorial Urano in 2016. The authors, an engineer and journalist living in Japan, were drawn to a small Okinawa village where the residents were very long-lived, most of whom were over a hundred years old were old. So they visited the island and, after meeting their locals, drew interesting conclusions, the maximum sample of which is the term Ikigai.

Defined as the value or meaning of life, it expresses exactly what would be the main motor for everyone’s existence. It results from a harmonious combination between four spheres:

  • What you love
  • What the world needs
  • For what they can pay you
  • What are you good at

As you will see, accessing this core is not easy. However, it is possible and the first step may be the main condition. The most important tip here is: start small.

I would like to give you two exercises that can serve as a guide.

1. Realize and start

It consists of drawing three columns with the headings: what do I have, what do I want and what will I do to achieve this.

In each of them you have to make a list of everything you can think of. Use the brainstorming rules by prioritizing quantity over quality and not suppressing any of them.

After loading the first column, you can observe the amount of things to be evaluated and step back in this light. Sometimes we forget what we should be grateful for when we are treated in activities of little importance.

Then you need to find out what you want and be 100% honest with yourself. They may or may not be material things. The important thing is that you want them deep. Be specific and objective.

Finally, and here’s the juiciest part of the exercise, you have to split everything you want into small actions that get you closer to your goal. This is the key: freeing ourselves from the big and unattainable expectations and focusing on what we can do, and that depends entirely on us.

The next day, check and choose the two or three main actions in the second column (this gives us more attention) with their respective linked actions from the third column, and you have a powerful guide to get you started.

In the following example, we see the left column with the main priorities and resources that I think exist. In the second I can locate two free axes. As you can see, even the first “time” can be edited, which twists the supposed unstoppability. I insist: it is very important that we think small in order to start with something, to see the results quickly and not to get frustrated on the first try.

Picture: Gustavo Giorgi

2. Lower the load

As the name suggests, the main goal is to reduce the number of activities that cause discontent to improve our emotional wellbeing.

First, make a list of the tasks that you normally do in a day, be it a week or after work. Then place it in one of the four quadrants according to its titles: those you like, those you dislike, those who are easy for you, like the difficult ones.

In the first place, you can see how much you really like what you do and how much time you devote to the opposite.

So the idea is that you’re trying to transfer tasks from one quadrant to another, especially when it comes to red post-its. After a while, you can check whether every change, even the smallest one, has a positive effect on your state of mind.

The example is:

Picture: Gustavo Giorgi

I am convinced that in order to feel better, we have to recognize that it depends on us. Therefore our daily decisions and decisions will lead us to it.

Let us guess what we have and what is easy. There there is the secret.

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