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The Israeli Supreme Court ruled in favor of Netanyahu and paved the way for government formation

May 7, 2020

The Israeli Supreme Court unanimously approved current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to form a government despite his allegation of corruption, paving the way for the coalition agreement with the blue and white opposition. Benjamin Gantz is making progress.

In a last-minute decision, the eleven judges making up the court noted that while there was “no legal justification for preventing Netanyahu from forming a government in Israel, and despite the charges that charged him Staying Prime Minister Against, “from a legal perspective, some parts of the agreement pose” significant difficulties “so that it could be” problematic “.

During the two-day trial, the judges heard the arguments of eight people trying to block the agreement, including Gantz’s former ally Yair Lapid, opposition party leader Yeish Atid, informed the local newspaper The Times of Israel.

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