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The Israeli proposal passes the rodent test

June 22, 2020

Many groups of scientists around the world are developing drugs and vaccines against the SARSCov2, which is responsible for the pandemic.

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The Israeli proposal passes the rodent testThe Israeli proposal passes the rodent test

As a result of the health crisis we are currently experiencing, various groups of scientists have taken on the task of looking for one vaccine This can prevent a disease that spreads as quickly as COVID-19 from having an outbreak that is as devastating as it is today.

Among this group of scientists, the Israelis and the Chinese stood out this weekend of June 21 by announcing important advances in vaccines used since the beginning of the year pandemic.

The Israel Institute for Biotechnology Research has successfully tested a potential rodent vaccine, the experiments of which are critical to the development of the drug because if they work, they can proceed with other animals and ultimately humans, the researchers said in their report . with digital means However.

Within the experiment, there were two groups of infected hamsters: those who received the “single dose” vaccine and those who did not. The immunized rodents stopped losing weight, while the lungs of those without vaccination suffered significant damage to their tissues and airways, unlike the other group, which had fewer side effects.

According to the media portal, the center, which is independent of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, is expected to end the vaccine in a year or earlier. BiorXiv by The avant-garde.

In Israel, the wave of COVID-19 infections with 305 deaths and 20,778 infections was relatively low, although an increase in infections has been reported in the past few weeks after the critical phase.

according to The financial, a country’s research center, reported a second wave of infection on Saturday, warning that it could be more difficult to stop the spread if healthy removal measures (daily use of mouthguards and precautions two meters away) were not readjusted for the first time.

In Israel, the wave of infections caused by COVID-19 was relatively low / Image:

On the other hand, the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences entered phase 2 of its clinical studies. This phase assesses the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine in humans.

It should be noted that there are currently five candidate COVID-19 vaccines that have been approved for clinical trials in China. According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, this is 40% of all vaccines in clinical trials worldwide however.