The Israeli extreme right denounces that Trump’s peace plan includes a Palestinian state

Trump could reveal his peace plan proposal after Israeli elections next Tuesday


The leader of the Israeli ultra-rightist coalition Yamina, Ayelet Shaked, has denounced this Sunday the secrecy with which the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is managing his proposal for a peace agreement, the Agreement of the Century, and highlighted that the initiative It provides for the establishment of a Palestinian state and the annexation of part of the Jewish colonies of the West Bank to Israel, but not all of them.

“Without Yamina in the Government, a Palestinian state will be created,” Shaked warned. “The first minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) has not shown this map at the press conference” in which he announced on Saturday the future annexation of the Jordan Valley, he has reproached, according to the Israeli newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post'.

The Israeli extreme right denounces that Trump’s peace plan includes a Palestinian state
The Israeli extreme right denounces that Trump’s peace plan includes a Palestinian state

“The majority of the territory of Judea and Samaria (West Bank) would be transferred to the Palestinian Authority for the creation of a Palestinian state,” he said, although he did not want to reveal where he has taken the map and its demarcations. “It is what we know from what the prime minister has said,” he argued.

The map shows the West Bank in black with the Jordan Valley in gray – with which Israel would control the border with Jordan – and several Jewish colonies in white along the roads that would connect them by land to Israel. The white and gray areas would remain under Israeli sovereignty.

“Why does the prime minister say that sovereignty will be over the populations and not over the Area C that surrounds them?” Said another Yamina leader, Naftali Bennett. “Why do you talk about the carrot of the plan and not the stick? Why does Trump agree to delay the publication of his plan until just after the election?”

A spokesman for Netanyahu, Yonatan Urich, has dismissed the map for being “false news.” The map “is incorrect and is not part of the Trump Century Agreement … I don't know why Bennet, (Transportation Minister Bezalel) Smotrich and Shaked want to damage our relations with the Trump Administration to get a few headlines, “he added.

“The citizens of Israel must decide next Tuesday who they want to send to negotiate with President Trump: his friend Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has protected the Land of Israel for eight years (…) or the (co-leader of Blue and White) Yair Lapid, who wants to evacuate 90,000 settlers and who does not know anyone in the United States of any kind, “he argued.

Next Tuesday the Israelis vote in a general election to which the Likud, the Netanyahu party, arrives tied with the Blue and White party of Yair Lapid and Benny Gantz, so the last days of the campaign have warmed up and The accusation crosses.

The West Bank – including East Jerusalem – the Gaza Strip – from which Israel withdrew in 2005 – and the Golan Heights were militarily occupied by Israel in the 1967 war, so that settlement construction and Colonization of these territories represents a war crime from the point of view of International Law.

In total in the West Bank there are about 531,000 Jewish settlers, according to 2012 data, partly in colonies considered legal by Israel and part in settlements considered illegal even by the Israeli Government. The current figures could be higher.

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