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The Israeli Army fires a commercial flight with civilians believing it was a Syrian plane

August 22, 2019

Israeli soldier at the launch of a projectile a few years ago – REUTERS / BAZ RATNER – Archive

TEL AVIV, 22 Aug. (DPA / EP) –

The Israeli Army has fired by mistake from the Golan Heights against an Israeli plane carrying a commercial flight with civilians on Wednesday night, believing it was an infiltrated Syrian plane, although there were no injuries.

The pilot of the plane they attacked has declared that they were “a meter and a half from the disaster,” according to the local Ynet news page. The flight officer thought that the first impact was about a bird until he noticed that they lost fuel from the tank.

“This is a serious incident that we are investigating,” an Army spokeswoman told DPA. They believed that the aircraft was a threat and fired until they realized that it was an Israeli plane, he said.

During the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1967, the Golan Heights, which belonged to Syria, fell into the hands of Israel, which annexed the territory in 1981, although it has not been recognized internationally except by the United States.

Israel has launched several air strikes during the Syrian war against Iranian targets. Israel and Syria have never signed a peace agreement and Iran and Israel remain regional rivals.