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The Israeli Army bombs Hamas targets after firing two rockets from Gaza

August 22, 2019


Israeli aviation has bombed several Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Thursday in response to the firing of two rockets from this territory into Israel, as reported by the Army.

The fighter planes have reached several military targets at a Hamas naval facility in the north of the strip after the launch of the first projectile and additional targets after the second launch, the Army said in a statement.

At the moment there are no data on injuries on either side and no group has claimed responsibility for projectile firing from Gaza. According to the Army, six rockets have been fired since the enclave in the last six days.

A spokesman for Hamas, who governs Gaza, had warned this week that the plight on the fringe could lead to a new escalation if Israel shows no commitment to the implementation of the agreements facilitated by Egypt.

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas with the mediation of Egypt has weakened in recent weeks. Since the beginning of August, nine armed Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli Army after approaching the security fence on the Gaza border.