The Irish Prime Minister considers the EU proposals “open and willing”.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin thinks so
With its proposals, the European Union shows how “open and ready” it is to solve Northern Ireland’s trade problems after Brexit.

Martin recognized the European Commission’s Vice-President for Relations with the UK, Maros Sefcovic, for the way he handled post-Brexit issues with a “sincere, hardworking, sensitive and dedicated approach,” reports The Irish Times “.

The Irish Prime Minister considers the EU proposals “open and willing”.
The Irish Prime Minister considers the EU proposals “open and willing”.

“Maros Sefcovic has really consulted with people from all over the world,” he added, underscoring the EU official’s commitment to the Irish government as he “has spoken to local people in Northern Ireland in business and industry, and politically he met deal with all parties.

The Prime Minister also said the EU had made “very significant” progress in resolving the problems arising from the Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“I’m in solution mode. The European Commission is in solution mode. The UK government needs to be in solution mode. A process must be initiated. If we put the people of Northern Ireland first, it will be fire proof for everyone, ”advocated.

In this context, British Brexit Minister David Frost will travel to Brussels this Friday to meet with Sefcovic and analyze whether there are ways to agree on solutions that address the “essential differences” in the protocol for the two Covering Irish that London refuses to accept.

Frost and Sefcovic will have a working lunch which they do not expect great results from, but following the proposals made this week between Brussels and London to try to get out of the crisis established by the protocol negotiated as part of the negotiations The Brexit agreement was opened for Ulster.

The British say they recognize the “substantial efforts” made by Sefcovic and his team to address the complications identified in the application of the protocol and assure that they will analyze the European offer “positively and constructively”.

Sefcovic assured on Wednesday that the Community Executive had “completely reversed” the EU rules in order to offer the Northern Irish “creative and pragmatic” solutions, for example with measures to reduce the paperwork that has been necessary for the transport of goods since Brexit cut in half between the UK and Northern Ireland or by cutting food and pesticide controls by 80 percent.

However, the EU flatly refuses to allow London to resume the agreement to start substantive negotiations on the Protocol, which calls for a new independent dispute settlement mechanism that will exclude the EU Court of Justice from the balance sheet.

For the 27, the role of the European Court of Justice is non-negotiable as it is a requirement to participate in the Single Market as Northern Ireland is allowed even though the rest of the UK has chosen to abandon it.

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