The Iraqi Parliament approves a motion to expel US troops


The House of Representatives of the Iraqi Parliament has approved a motion demanding the expulsion of US military forces from Iraq, as reported by the Iraqi news agency NINA.

Specifically, the motion requires the Government to cancel the collaboration agreement with the international coalition against the Islamic State and to take steps to end the presence of foreign forces in Iraqi territory.

The Iraqi Parliament approves a motion to expel US troops
The Iraqi Parliament approves a motion to expel US troops

The motion includes the signing of 170 Shiite deputies and involves ending the agreement with the International Coalition to Combat the Islamic State on the grounds that the jihadist group has been defeated in Iraq and therefore the presence of foreign troops is no longer necessary.

It also obliges the Government to commit to making public any agreement that it reaches in the future for the presence of foreign military advisers and trainers and underlines that the number of the contingent entering the country must be made public.

It also urges the Government to “put an end to all activities of any foreign force on its land and prevent the country's airspace from being used for any related purpose.” Third, he urges the Government to file a complaint against the United States with the UN Security Council for the “dangerous violation of Iraq's sovereignty and security.”

Shiite parties have negotiated the proposal calling for the expulsion of US military forces in response to the selective assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, who died on December 3 in an attack by a US drone on a Baghdad airport.

The Iraqi Parliament itself has announced that the motion will be mandatory as soon as it is passed in the chamber. “It does not need the approval of the President of the Republic and will be effective from the date of the vote,” reports NINA.

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