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“The Invisible God” raised millions by selling confidential corporate information

June 25, 2020

A new report revealed that a Kazakh hacker made a million dollar fortune by violating private networks and selling their data.

Investigators of the threat data company Group-IB said the hacker, who operates under the pseudonym “Fxmsp”started promoting his services on the Darknet. Publish data for sale in hacking forums to provide valuable corporate resources with stolen resources. Some of his customers have called him “the invisible god of networks”.

Million dollar profit for Fxmsp

According to the message, Fxmsp’s cybercriminals business is huge. He was reported to have made $ 1.5 million in profits for three years after attacking 135 companies in 44 countries.

“The Invisible God” raised millions by selling confidential corporate information“The Invisible God” raised millions by selling confidential corporate information

Fxmsp reportedly started promoting cryptojacking services through a Russian forum and selling credentials to corporate networks. Its services have enabled its buyers to mine cryptocurrencies with the stolen computing power of computers, although it is not known whether these services were used specifically to mine Bitcoin (BTC).

The study found a number of cases where the hacker was able to expand its attack capacity:

“During the period from early October 2017 to July 31, 2018 (link removed), Fxmsp offered 51 companies in 21 countries access to sales. The cybercriminal shared the price only in 30% of the cases. At this point in time, after 9 months of activity, the average minimum price for all advertised visible visits was $ 268,000 (excluding sales made through private messages). “

Did he really work alone?

Yelisey Boguslavskiy, Director of Security Research at AdvIntel, believes that Fxmsp did not act alone, but as part of a cybercriminal team called “GPTitan”. This group consists of numerous hackers who access various financial environments to steal high-quality network data.

An article published by BleepingComputer claimed an independent source that “the invisible god of networks” had grown into a team with an indefinite number of members.

Alliances dissolved

Fxmsp is known to have worked with a sales manager who works under the pseudonym “Lampeduza”.. However, Fxmsp disappeared from the forums in May 2019 and ended the relationship.

The report shows that Fxmsp and Lampeduza may still be private.

Cointelegraph recently reported that the total amount transferred with Bitcoin on the Internet rose 65% in the first quarter of 2020 despite a decline in transactions over the same period in 2019.