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The investor believes Link could rise above $ 25 and outperform Ether

April 30, 2020

An investor believes that Link could rise above $ 25 and overtake Ethereum (Ether) as the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Michael Anderson, co-founder of Framework Venture and one of the first Chainlink (Link) investors, in an interview with Cointelgraph, shared his optimism about the project that wants to decentralize data. He believes Link could go over $ 25 in a month or two:

“Anything over twenty-five dollars is not inappropriately accepted.”

Add that you perceive the Chainlink service as an “insurance policy”:

“I would make it roughly the size of Ethereum. And I don’t consider this an inappropriate approach, since I believe Chainlink is the insurance policy, the security model for providing robust and reliable data for your decentralized lawyer contract.”

The investor believes Link could rise above $ 25 and outperform EtherThe investor believes Link could rise above $ 25 and outperform Ether

Recently The vulnerability in the bZx DeFi protocol has shown how important it is to access fail-safe data sources. Another sign of potential growth is that Coinbase has decided to join the DeFi area. However, Anderson does not believe that Coinbase is a viable threat to Chainlink:

“I don’t see much competition. I think blockchain space requires you to have a few things and do them really well. One of them is community development. They have shown that they can build the best and strongest community. The next one is to be able to work with leading institutions in all industries, and obviously that was possible, and then the third one who really showed thought leadership in the development of this industry. “

Source: coin360

Link has been doing very well since Black Thursday’s recession. A total of more than 100% was estimated. However, it is still below its all-time high of $ 4.72reached March 5th. Although the future of the project looks promising in the long run, It is hard to believe that the currency will appreciate by almost 700% in such a short time.

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