the ingredient to create innovation

Three experts emphasized the importance of strengthening the collaborative environment through technological tools.

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the ingredient to create innovation
the ingredient to create innovation

Three international specialists called for a strengthening of cooperation at all levels in order to realize innovative ideas that mean social change.

The need for scientific collaboration to solve problems

Darío Gil, Director of IBM Research, spoke about the urgency of accelerating scientific discovery in order to maximize its impact in solving problems the world is facing and increasingly complex.

Darío Gil / Image: With kind permission

He stressed that the acceleration of the scientific process is possible because they are experiencing a revolution in the computing world, and this future is based on the convergence of three basic paradigms: bits, neurons and qubits. Artificial intelligence transforms and accelerates the scientific discovery process to develop new collaborative models and solve problems in society.

What phase are you in from entrepreneur to CEO?

Daniel Marcos, CEO of The Growth Institute and an entrepreneur for more than 22 years, knows that every leader needs their own system to run their own business with. However, during his conversation with entrepreneurs, he shared a few elements that should be considered on the journey from entrepreneur to CEO.

Daniel Marcos / Image: With kind permission

  • Stage 1 “Start”: The entrepreneur has the new business philosophy, but needs to surround himself with a technically minded person and a leader.
  • Stage 2 “Growing Up”: The first level leader defines the direction and learns to delegate the responsibilities 1 to 1.
  • Stage 3 “Scale Up”: The leader of the second level forms teams, trains, learns to communicate clearly and efficiently, and simplifies strategies and systems.
  • Level 4 “Master your industry”: The CEO is the strategic innovator within the company, the catalyst for change and becomes the leader of the organizational culture.

Marcos emphasized that CEOs and executives need to focus on themselves first. Some tips that are part of the Executive Education System are:

  1. The routine frees you: Establish a routine from the moment you wake up and wake up.
  2. The 25-year framework: Think about your long-term projects.
  3. Intentional Practice: If you have any doubts or problems, find the experts, consult them and do what they recommend!
  4. Time system for entrepreneurs: Divide your week into: running days, preparation days and rest days.
  5. I don’t have an office in the office: When you go to the office, work as a team and reach out to those responsible for each area.

How can cybersecurity investments be upgraded?

Justin Fier, Director of Cyber ​​Intelligence and Analytics, introduced the latest trends in cyber tools or cyber AI, mainly related to security, in order to optimize the working environment of organizations and the interaction with partners. The speaker announced that fewer than a third of companies use cloud tracking to monitor atypical workforce behavior. This is an area of ​​business opportunity in the short term, but the best avenues must be found. to achieve it.

Justin Fier / Image: Courtesy

Fier highlighted the role that tools like machine learning need to play in strengthening the work environment and information sharing, which will undoubtedly take collaboration to another level. With this in mind, it will be important to strengthen corporate security as the frequency of attacks has increased in recent years. One of the best strategies for doing this is to increase the presence of these types of problems in the current education system.

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