The incredible benefits of working 6 hours a day

According to various specialists, the 6-hour work day offers endless advantages for employees and companies.

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In recent years, the issue of balance between personal life and work has gained great relevance. In this way, we listen to advice to get rid of stress, feel better, have more free time to exercise and live with our families. However, the main cause of our discomfort probably cannot be fought with or meditations at our desk: and that is precisely that we work too many hours to have a healthy working day. At least this is stated by several experts in health and productivity.

The incredible benefits of working 6 hours a day
The incredible benefits of working 6 hours a day

In one, The Guardian presented the cases of several Swedish organizations and companies that began to implement the six-hour working hours in order to have. The results? A series of benefits that can be seen both in the motivation of the workers and in the objectives of the company. Here are some of the benefits of the implemented model :

Staff turnover reduction

The hospitals, health centers and small businesses that carried out the experiment noticed a drastic reduction in staff turnover. Maria BrĂ¥th, founder of a digital startup that has been working with this schedule for three years, says that it is a competitive advantage that attracts the best talent , since a better pay in another company would not be comparable to the hours shorter than her company offers.

Productivity increase

Some Toyota centers, also in Sweden, decided to cut the number of mechanics' work hours to six for thirteen years, since their stress resulted in frequent errors . Thus, instead of having a 7 am to 4 pm shift, two six-hour shifts were created, with the same pay but a reduction in time and frequency of breaks. Since then, the use of machines is more efficient and profits have increased by 25 percent.

Welfare of employees and customers

In Toyota service centers it has also been noted that both employees and customers feel happier with the change, since stress is reduced and, when traveling in hours of less traffic, also the travel time between work and home. It also increases free time to devote to family or hobbies.

However, the change is much more noticeable in health centers where this policy has been adopted; employees report that they feel more energy and enthusiasm in both their work and personal lives, which is very important in this industry where diseases, depression and stress are very common among workers. This, in turn, leads to better treatment of patients.

Undoubtedly, Sweden is at the forefront of such policies that seek to make an important difference in the lifestyle of citizens. What would happen if Latin American companies implemented these same measures?

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