The identity of a cryptocurrency hacker is disclosed by the US authorities

The United States Department of Justice or The DoJ accused Andrey Turchin, known under the pseudonym “fxmsp”, of various federal crimes. Turchin reportedly founded a group of cybercrime targeting computer networks across companies. After Turchin’s group stole the data from every company, it reportedly sold the data on the dark internet.

Turchin, a 37-year-old Kazakh citizen, is fondly known in the dark web as the “invisible god of networks”. He reportedly sold access to thousands of networks at risk from his malware attacks, and has accumulated $ 1 million in cryptocurrency assets over the course of three years.

Washington’s western district is investigating Turchin, who has been accused of attacking companies based in more than 40 countries.

No arrests yet

The identity of a cryptocurrency hacker is disclosed by the US authorities
The identity of a cryptocurrency hacker is disclosed by the US authorities

The authorities in Kazakhstan and the UK also helped the United States to uncover the allegation against “fxmsp”. United States attorney Brian T. Moran said:

“Cybercrime knows no international borders and a number of international partners must work together to stop them. I recommend Kazakhstan for help with this investigation. I hope that these critical international partnerships between cybercrime investigators will make Andrey Turchin accountable a court is drawn. “

Although the Ministry of Justice’s announcement did not state that the Kazakh police had already arrested Turchin, the FBI also identified an unknown number of suspected conspirators. The prosecutor does not mention her identity.

Structure of fxmsp cyber crimes

The US police explained the criminal operations allegedly directed by “fxmsp” and how they could handle the transactions:

“”Prices generally ranged from a few thousand dollars to in some cases over a hundred thousand dollars, depending on the victim and the level of access and system control. Many transactions were processed through a broker and trust account, so that interested buyers could test network access for a limited period of time to test the quality and reliability of the illegal access. “

Cointelegraph recently reported that the USD total value of Bitcoin (BTC) transmitted over the dark internet rose 65% in the first quarter of 2020, despite transactions declining over the same period in 2019.

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