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The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance announces the appointment of a new president

May 22, 2020

As of May 21, Erick Rincón Cárdenas, President of the Fintech Association of Colombia (Colombia Fintech), will be the new President of the Iberoamerican Fintech Alliance. This has been reported by Colombia Fintech on its official website.

In this publication, they stated that the Fintech Iberoamerica Alliance was founded in 2018 to unify the efforts of companies that develop financial technologies in regulatory processes, promote innovation and promote financial inclusion. And that’s what they said This alliance already has more than 1,900 active fintech companies that create more than 6,000 jobs across the region. Erick Rincón Cárdenas succeeded Paulo Deitos, director of ABFintechs.


As published by Colombia Fintech, the challenges Rincón will face are presented as follows:

  1. Articulated and concerted work with supervisory and regulatory authorities in the region
  2. The interinstitutional strengthening of the associations that make up the alliance
  3. Creation, monitoring and support of cooperation and association initiatives in countries where there are still no organizations for the promotion and development of technology and financial companies
  4. Work to position the alliance in a political, economic and social context
  5. Consolidate investments as a strategic axis of fintech development on the world map.
The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance announces the appointment of a new president
The Ibero-American Fintech Alliance announces the appointment of a new president

In this context, the new president of the alliance said:

“We are taking a leadership role with a commitment to make the fintech ecosystem all relevant as part of the solution to avert the impact of the health crisis. We are convinced of the historical opportunity that we have to demonstrate this through digitized financial inclusion. ” We can achieve economic reactivation for our societies. “

On the other hand, he highlighted the work of Paulo Deitos as part of the alliance and the consolidation of the Ibero-American fintech system.

About Erick Rincón Cárdenas

He is a lawyer at Universidad del Rosario with a postgraduate degree in finance and contract law from the same educational institution, a master’s degree in commercial law from Alfonso X University in Spain and a doctorate in law from the European University of Madrid. He is an associate professor at the Law Faculty of the Universidad del Rosario.

Last month, Cointelegraph interviewed Erick Rincón Cárdenas in Spanish, who on this occasion explained that fintech companies are revolutionizing the world:

“The industry is proposing a disruptive model that offers innovation, technology and efficient service delivery as added value and always thinks about the user experience – simple, agile. Coverage of the fintech industry promotes financial inclusion, and various segments have been developed, including digital payments, digital loans, electronic invoice and title negotiation, blockchain and crypto assets. Of course, fintech is revolutionizing the world. It is an industry that proposes a disruptive model that has the added value of generating financial solutions that help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals. (…) In conclusion, one message has to be emphasized: Fintech solutions manage to serve the under-banked population, and for this we have proven solutions with more than four million digital loans placed and the distribution of resources through digital wallets and electronic wallets ”.

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