The Iberian Institute of Blockchain and Alastria are working together to promote the use of technology in Spain and Portugal

The Iberian Blockchain Institute and the Alastria Cluster become strategic partners for the promotion of blockchain technology in Spain and Portugal. This was announced on their website by the Murcia digital newspaper.

With this alliance, the Iberian Blockchain Institute will have the direct support of Alastria and take on the role of the head of the blockchain ecosystem in Extremadura and Portugal to promote this technology among public and private representatives in the region.

According to the article, blockchain technology is a mandatory reference point for the daring of the great changes that this technology will bring with it in the coming years and which, according to the Davos Forum, will be massively used from now on in 2025.

The Iberian Institute of Blockchain and Alastria are working together to promote the use of technology in Spain and Portugal
The Iberian Institute of Blockchain and Alastria are working together to promote the use of technology in Spain and Portugal

Likewise, the integration of the Iberian Blockchain Institute into the National Innovation and Talent Commission positions the CEO of finance and co-founder of the institute, Francisco Lozano, in a strategic space for the development of blockchain technology in both regions together with Alastria and its new strategic alliance .

Strategic alliance

It should be noted that the Alastria Innovation and Talent Commission, the first blockchain-based public network with public approvals, has several large partners. Outstanding companies include companies such as Telefónica, Metrovacesa, Repsol, Everis or financial companies on the same level as Banco Santander, Banco Sabadell and Abanca.

The strategic approach with which Alastria works is based on the methodology of the virtuous spiral of innovation, which grows in collaboration with the private sector, public administrations and the academic world: the three propellers create and share value.

In the same way, the innovation method focuses on a fourth helix with the aim of the interaction of citizens, as these are seen by the company as the true engine of change, so that the digital economy offers maximum benefits for society.

The Iberian Blockchain Institute, based in Badajoz and delegations in Malaga, Madrid and Lisbon, have sponsored a series of activities and events to advance the development of a disruptive blockchain technology and of great value in the private and public sectors, in the legal, financial and economic fields.

In this context, the Iberian Institute of Blockchain is a company that aims to carry out and promote scientific and technical activities related to new information technologies, telecommunications and the so-called blockchains and other related technologies in the EU Basque Country.

The co-founder of the Iberian Institute of Blockchain and CEO of Finance, businessman Francisco Lozano, is also the promoter of the International Forum on Blockchain and Technological Innovation.

The businessman has highlighted on other occasions that the main mission of the institute is to promote knowledge of blockchain technology and the constant search for an alliance with agents and private companies and public administrations.who have the same interest in innovation and the potential of this disruptive technology.

With this new strategic alliance, both companies are to work together to expand knowledge and spread successful experiences with blockchain-based solutions in Extremadura and Portugal. Repositioning the Spanish community as a land of opportunity, taking a leap to new disruptive technologies and the epicenter of the blockchain industry, a technology that will be critical in terms of time savings in the short and medium term. Costs in every branch of the economy, digitization and securing the transaction processes, guaranteeing trust and security for users.

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