The IACHR ends its visit to Ecuador to investigate the insecurity in prisons

The delegation from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), which traveled to Ecuador because of the uncertainty in the country’s prisons, ended its visit this Friday.

After the evaluation, the agency prepares a report with recommendations for the Ecuadorian state. The delegation hopes that this will be one of several follow-up visits on the situation of prisons and prisoners and that the authorities will apply the recommendations, according to the Ecuadorian newspaper “El Universo”.

The visit ended with meetings with, among others, the National Court of Justice, the Judicial Council, the Attorney General’s Office, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Constitutional Court.

The IACHR ends its visit to Ecuador to investigate the insecurity in prisons
The IACHR ends its visit to Ecuador to investigate the insecurity in prisons

During the trip, the delegates met various authorities, including President Guillermo Lasso. They also visited the prisons of Latacunga, Guayaquil and Cotopaxi, where they visited former Vice President Jorge Glas, who was imprisoned for embezzlement.

Ecuador, which is in a state of emergency due to the situation in the prisons, is experiencing a security crisis that has resulted in several massacres in prisons in the country and exposed to several gangs. The total number of inmates killed in 2021 is 327, compared to 52 in 2020.

The conflicts began last February when, in an organized operation, four simultaneous riots were recorded in Guayas, Azuay and Cotopaxi prisons, killing 80 inmates and most of them beheaded in the struggle for control following the power vacuum of ‘Los Choneros “With the death of its leader, a certain” Rasquiña “, in December 2020.

Additional rebellions were recorded between April and July in centers in Guayaquil and Latacunga, killing about thirty other inmates, prompting President Lasso to declare a state of emergency for the prison system. Two months later what appeared to be a truce was broken and the bloodiest incident of all to date has occurred at the Litoral Penitentiary.

The IACHR has expressed “concern” about the “serious events” of the past few months and urged it to “take immediate and effective measures to safeguard the right to life and personal safety of those in its custody and to investigate them” . Events, identify and punish those responsible and prevent their repetition.

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