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The Huthis publish videos and photos of the attack on Saudi soil in which they would have captured thousands of fighters

September 29, 2019

Fighters captured after a Huthis offensive in Najrán, in Saudi territory – HUTHIS


Yemeni Huthi rebels have published images and videos of the offensive launched last week on the ground in Saudi Arabia and with which they would have been able to arrest more than 2,000 enemy combatants, including Saudi army soldiers. They also claim that they have killed “almost 200” Saudi military in this operation. Saudi Arabia has not confirmed any of this information.

A military spokesman for the Huthis, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, explained this Sunday at a press conference from Sanaa that the offensive has allowed “cleaning” 350 square kilometers of the border area of ​​the Saudi province of Najrán, bordering Yemen, arrest “more than 2,000 fighters” and capture hundreds of vehicles, reports the Huthis website.

The so-called Operation Nasralá (Victory of Almighty God) has consisted of a tactical maneuver that has cut off the two supply routes that enemy combatants had and subsequently allowed their defeat and capture by attacking them from four flanks.

In the diffused video, the geographical location of the offensive zone and the Huthi forces is launched by launching projectiles against Saudi positions and allied Yemeni militias loyal to President Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi.

Then Saudi military and “mercenaries” are shown fleeing the area in vans and armored vehicles. These vehicles are attacked and several are overturned or on fire. Later several Saudi military planes appear firing missiles on the Huthis.

In addition, Saree has denounced that Saudi Arabia employs child soldiers in violation of all international conventions on the laws of war.

The international coalition for Yemen led by Saudi Arabia has intensified in recent days its bombings after the Huthi rebels claimed the double attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia on September 14 that affected the production of crude oil in the kingdom.