The houses of the sister of Morales and the governors of the Bolivian departments of Oruro and Chuquisaca burn

Groups of protesters demanding the resignation of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, close to a state radio and television. – REUTERS / STRINGER.

Morales condemns the attacks

A group of protesters demanding the resignation of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, burned the house of the president's sister, Ester Morales, and those of the governors of Oruro and Chuquisaca, Víctor Hugo Vásquez and Esteban Urquizu, respectively, on Saturday.

The houses of the sister of Morales and the governors of the Bolivian departments of Oruro and Chuquisaca burn
The houses of the sister of Morales and the governors of the Bolivian departments of Oruro and Chuquisaca burn

As for Morales' housing, under construction, a group has taken out the tools and work material from it to subsequently burn the infrastructure, Bolivian news agency ABI reported.

For its part, 'Los Tiempos' has reported that Vasquez's house had been ransacked and then burned, but his family has been evacuated before the event occurred.

Finally, Urquizu has denounced in his Twitter account that his property has suffered “an attack (…) regardless of whether there are children, women and tenants who simply live there.” “We want peace!” He has claimed.

Morales has denounced and condemned two attacks on his Twitter account. “We denounce and condemn before the international community and the Bolivian people that the fascist coup plan executes violent acts with irregular groups that burned the house of the governors of Chuquisaca and Oruro and my sister in that city,” said the president. “Let's preserve peace and democracy,” he insisted.

On the other hand, local media have reported that dozens of people related to the Movement To Socialism (MAS) of Morales have attacked the facilities of the Unitel television channel, located in the city of El Alto, and the Convention Center of the mayor's office of the city. However, the MAS has denied its involvement in the attack, according to ABI.

Previously, groups of protesters demanding the resignation of Morales have surrounded this Saturday the building in which Bolivia TV and the Patria Nueva radio are located, both state media, and have tried to stop transmitting information.

“The state media BTV and RPN have been intervened by organized groups that after threatening and intimidating journalists forced them to abandon their sources of work,” Morales has denounced in his Twitter account. “They say they defend democracy, but they act as dictatorship,” he has settled.

In this context, Morales has also condemned “the attitude of ex-defenders of the People”, who “instead of protecting Human Rights violate freedom of expression and join racist coup plotters to attempt against state media as military dictatorships did.” “They want to silence the press to perpetrate the coup,” he said.

The president has alluded to Waldo Albarracín and Rolando Villena, who were defenders of the people and are now part of the opposition groups that demand the president's resignation, Bolivian news agency ABI reported.

“Under the building, on the avenue, there are people at the door of Bolivia TV,” said the director of Patria Nueva, Iván Maldonado, as collected by the local media 'La Razón Digital'.

“It is not correct in democracy that you want to press. You cannot pressure or harass or threaten the workers who are currently doing a job, we are calling for dialogue, not confrontation,” he added.

Protestants have closed the doors of the canal and have prevented the entry and exit of any person, reported 'The Digital Reason'.


In parallel, Morales has denounced this Saturday an attack on the facilities of the Single Trade Union Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB) in La Paz, and has labeled him “cowardly” and “wild”.

“As a member of the CSUTCB, parent organization of the indigenous peasant indigenous movement of the Pact of Unity, I denounce the cowardly and savage attack on the radio of that confederation,” the president wrote on Twitter. “In the style of military dictatorships, the coup attack attack union headquarters,” he insisted.

According to ABI, “opposition clash groups” took the CSUTCB's facilities this Saturday and tied the director of the Community Radio, José Aramayo, to a pole.


The protests in Bolivia broke out the same night of the presidential elections held on October 20 due to the sudden suspension of the transmission of official results just when they forced a second round between Morales and the main opposition leader, Carlos Mesa.

When he resumed, almost 24 hours later, they granted Morales the first round victory, so Mesa has denounced a “gigantic fraud.” Both called for the mobilization of their own, which has resulted in riots. At least two people have died and more than 190 have been arrested in these two weeks.

Morales has called on Saturday the four parties with parliamentary representation to participate in a dialogue table with the ultimate goal of “pacifying Bolivia.”

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