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The House of Representatives starts the debate that will decide á the future of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump

December 18, 2019
Manifestante a favor del 'impeachment' contra el presidente estadounidense, Donald Trump

Protester in favor of the 'impeachment' against US President Donald Trump – Jack Kurtz / ZUMA Wire / dpa

Trump advises congressmen to save the effort by trusting that he will be victorious in the Senate


The House of Representatives of the United States has initiated on Wednesday a historic session in which it will decide whether to file the 'impeachment' against the US president, Donald Trump, or take the next step by opening a political trial in the Senate that could end his termination . If it goes ahead, it will be the first time that a Republican president is disapproved in Congress.

The purpose of this session is for the House of Representatives to reject or confirm the statement of objections drawn up by the Judicial Commission, based on a report written by the investigation commission – integrated by the Intelligence, Foreign and Supervision and Reform Commissions. – which began its work last September.

The Judicial Commission has accused Trump of a charge of abuse of power for pressuring his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, to open two investigations that would benefit him for reelection in 2020: one on the alleged corrupts of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his Son Hunter in his business in Ukraine and another on “the discredited theory” that it was that country, not Russia, that interfered in the 2016 elections.

In addition, the statement of objections criticizes Trump who will condition these two investigations on two official acts: the military aid that the United States sends to Ukraine to deal with the “Russian aggression” in Donbas and a “long-awaited” visit of Zelenski to the House White.

Trump is also accused of a second charge of obstruction to Congress for rejecting the requirements made by the House of Representatives for both information and appearance in the context of the impeachment investigation. According to the Judicial Commission, it also ordered government officials and agencies to ignore parliamentary requests in this regard.

It is expected that the debate, which has started at 12.00 (local time) and is expected to last about six hours, although the Republicans intended to be twelve, something that the House of Representatives has rejected, so the vote will take place on 18.00 (22.00 Spanish peninsular time).

“I am sad,” said the president of the lower house, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, asked by the press in the halls of Congress, according to the US network CNN.

Among the interventions stands out that of Massachusetts representative Joseph Kennedy, who has chosen to read a letter he has written to children to explain Trump's impeachment. “I want to tell you the story of this day, to record that Justice won today,” he read.

In the event that the House of Representatives rejects the statement of objections, the 'impeachment' will have been shipwrecked. If he approves it, the impeachment itself will begin, that is, the political trial of Trump in the Senate.

Trump would thus become the first Republican president disapproved by the House of Representatives, given that Richard Nixon (1969-1974) resigned before the process against him by the 'Watergate' reached this point.

In general terms, he would be the third president to face a political trial in the Senate, after Democrats Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) and Bill Clinton (1993-2001), who were saved by the ruling majority in the Senate.

Trump has trusted all this time that, if the 'impeachment' reaches the Senate, it will be victorious thanks to the Republican majority. This Wednesday he has pronounced in the same line to recommend to the House of Representatives that the effort be saved.

“A president cannot be dismissed if there is no reasonable possibility that the Senate will condemn him … The House of Representatives should not prosecute the president. If this is the new standard, every president from Now it's actionable, “Trump wrote on Twitter citing Fox News reporter Andy McCarthy.

Along the same lines, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, who has advised Democrats to “avoid the precipice” in the upper house, assuming that Trump will be exonerated.