The House of Representatives lays the foundations of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump


The House of Representatives of the United States has approved on Thursday the procedures to initiate a political trial against the president of the country, Donald Trump, which opens the door for the process to begin formally in a matter of weeks, even before the end of the year .

“The biggest witch hunt in the history of the United States!” Trump has proclaimed on Twitter right after the vote, in which the Democrats have enforced their majority to pass by 232 votes to 196 the rules for public hearings. and the interrogation of potential witnesses.

“What is at stake is nothing more and nothing less than our democracy,” said the president of the lower house, Nancy Pelosi, defender of an arduous political process against which she was reluctant just a few months ago. If it thrives, Trump would be the third president to be tried before Congress.

The House of Representatives lays the foundations of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump
The House of Representatives lays the foundations of the ‘impeachment’ against Trump

Only two Democrats have left the official line of the party, while on the Republican side Justin Amash, a Michigan independent, has positioned himself in favor of the 'impeachment'. The Republican Party bases its allegations against the process in which the Democrats want to expel the president because they are unable to beat him in an election.

“The president has done nothing wrong and the Democrats know them,” said the White House in a statement released after the vote in which he accused Pelosi and his partners of having an “obsession” for an “illegitimate” process that “hurts the American people.

The Presidency, which has urged the Democratic Party to focus on other issues that “affect real families,” has denounced an “unacceptable” violation of the House of Representatives' own regulations to advance this initiative.

In this regard, he has accused Pelosi of holding “secret meetings behind closed doors”, of “blocking” the attempts of the Administration to participate and of calling into question the “due process”. “The Democrats want to issue a verdict without giving the Administration a chance to defend itself. It is unfair, unconstitutional and fundamentally anti-American,” the White House has said.


Trump has once again referred to the impeachment process in an interview he has given by telephone to the leader of the UK Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, on the British broadcaster LBC.

The US president has insisted that the telephone conversation he had on July 25 with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenki, was “perfect,” “very appropriate.”

“They have nothing,” he said of the Democrats, whom he has accused of being “desperate” to get him out of the White House with a political trial before the 2020 presidential elections.

The conversation between Trump and Zelenski has been the trigger for the 'impeachment' process. Democrats believe he abused his power by asking another international leader to pressure his country's prosecutor to investigate the alleged corruption of Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine.

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