The House of Commons concludes the approval of the law to block a Brexit without agreement

Johnson regrets that deputies “crush” his negotiating margin and calls for new elections on October 15


The House of Commons has passed by a large majority the law that would force the Boris Johnson Government to avoid a departure without EU agreement, after a change was introduced in the amendment debate that would allow the vote to be resubmitted. pact that the Executive of Theresa May negotiated in her day.

The deputies have given final approval to the rule with 327 votes in favor and 299 against, so the text now passes to the House of Lords, where the debate on this initiative will begin on Thursday. If there are changes, it will return to the Commons.

The House of Commons concludes the approval of the law to block a Brexit without agreement
The House of Commons concludes the approval of the law to block a Brexit without agreement

The law, backed by the opposition and by more than twenty rebel 'tories', would force Johnson to request an extension of Brexit to the EU if before October 19 he fails to ratify any agreement or express permission from Parliament to remove the United Kingdom from the block without any pact in between. The Government considers that these requirements limit its negotiating margin.

The deputies have also pronounced this Wednesday on a battery of amendments to the text that have given rise to a situation of uncertainty, after a change that will allow voting for the agreement negotiated by May, the same as Johnson has returned to vote against prognosis. lawyer for renegotiating repeatedly. According to the BBC, the amendment has been approved by acclamation for the absence of dissenting voices, which some media have considered a tactical error of the Government.


Immediately after the passage of the law, Johnson's second parliamentary defeat in less than 24 hours, the prime minister has taken the floor to defend a motion with which he wants early elections on October 15. “The country must decide whether the opposition leader or I are going to Brussels to solve this,” he said.

The British 'premier', who has insisted that he wants to close a new agreement with the EU – “I know I can”, he said – and at the same time meet the current deadlines, has ensured that the law “crushes any negotiations it would be “that there could be. “There is none,” they have shouted from the opposition bench.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has accused Johnson of lacking a “strategy” and has equated his situation with the story about the emperor's new suit. “In reality there is absolutely nothing,” said Corbyn, who is in favor of the electoral call but only if before there are formal guarantees that there will never be a Brexit without agreement.

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