The House of Commons approves the Brexit law

El primer ministro de Reino Unido, Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson – Aaron Chown / PA Wire / dpa


The House of Commons approved on Thursday the Brexit law, the tool to implement the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by the Government of Boris Johnson and the EU for the United Kingdom to leave the community bloc on January 31.

The House of Commons approves the Brexit law
The House of Commons approves the Brexit law

The British deputies have given the green light to this important law with 330 votes in favor and 231 against. Now it will pass to the Lords, where it is expected to be ratified next week. If the upper house makes any changes, it will have to return to the Commons, as reported by BBC.

The Withdrawal Agreement Act “gathers the will of the British people and sets the stage for a bright future outside the EU,” said Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay on the first of three days of discussion in Westminster last Tuesday.

The parliamentary debate was a mere formality, since the lower house already gave a first 'yes' to the Brexit law before the Christmas break, after the general elections of December 12 in which the Conservative Party regained the absolute majority in The legislative headquarters.

The law materializes the electoral promise of Prime Minister Boris Johnson to work on Brexit on January 31, almost four years after the referendum in which the British decided to get rid of the EU.

“This is going to be a fantastic year for the United Kingdom,” said the tenant of Downing Street in his New Year message.

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