The HOPR data protection audit network will be launched after investing in Binance

HOPR, the Swiss startup for data protection, starts its first public test network shortly after securing a million dollar investment from investors like Binance.

HOPR said that The startup is preparing to launch the test network and community support program on July 16. The event will be rewarded by MakerDAO in Stablecoin Dai (DAI).

The date of the token sale was not released

The project HOPR was launched in response to growing concerns about the privacy of online data. The Swiss company develops open source tools for the Web 3 ecosystem and offers a new blockchain protocol for protecting user data.

The HOPR data protection audit network will be launched after investing in Binance
The HOPR data protection audit network will be launched after investing in Binance

HOPR was founded earlier this year and was the focus of the crypto community last week Binance made a million dollar investment in the project. Binance announced the news on July 9th and described HOPR as “the first open and motivated platform for data protection and privacy”. A HOPR token sale will come, but the date is not yet known..

Sebastian Bürgel, co-founder of HOPR, told Cointelegraph that The project is planning a major network launch in late 2020. According to Bürgel, Binance’s investment met with great interest in its product. “Our waiting list exceeded 400 people, which far exceeded our original expectations,” he said.

Rewards for running privacy nodes on the web 3

The privacy-centric network enables users to run HOPR nodes, stake out, and earn HOPR token rewards while providing data protection for the Web 3. It is based on a globally distributed network of mixed nodes and offers a layer 0 data protection basis for new blockchains and Web 3 blockchains, Bürgel explained:

“HOPR does not run a dedicated blockchain. Instead HOPR can be used as a layer 0 data protection foundation on which blockchains or other web and web 3 applications and services can be built. HOPR is the first open and incentive Mixnet, in which everyone can operate a node to offer others data protection and earn tokens for it. “

As concerns about digital data protection have increased in recent years, The crypto community is actively developing solutions to protect users’ online privacy. The demand for online data protection tools is also growing with Brave, the crypto-controlled browser, the acceptance of which is increasing massively this year. At the beginning of July, the startup Unstoppable Domains, supported by Tim Draper, started a new decentralized chat protocol.

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