The Honduras CNE is beginning to review the primaries and will provide “timely” results.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Honduras began counting the minutes of the primaries this Tuesday 48 hours after the end of the elections and has guaranteed “the transparency of the final count” and the official publication of the results “on time”.

This was said by the President of the CNE, Ana Paola Hall, who regretted that in previous elections “the transmission of preliminary election results only created uncertainty,” according to local media “El Heraldo”.

“Everyone needs to understand that the CNE’s mission is not to produce polls, but to develop trends, but rather it is required by law to review and total the results of each polling station to make the final and official declaration of the primary elections.” stressed out. Hall.

The Honduras CNE is beginning to review the primaries and will provide “timely” results.
The Honduras CNE is beginning to review the primaries and will provide “timely” results.

He added that the process is being carried out with “greater transparency” and “the rush” is being ignored to make statements that “only leave doubt”.

“The CNE has fulfilled the mission of providing funding and logistics for the 14 competing movements. We had an election day in peace, optimism and security with massive participation,” he said with reference to the elections.

Regarding the exam, he made it clear that candidates will have “full access to all protocols” and underlined that “there are no secrets here”.

For her part, CNE adviser Rixi Moncada has stressed that they have up to 30 days to present the official results of the elections this Sunday, although the pre-candidates, the media and the general public insist on asking about the results.

“We will do it in a timely manner, take all safety measures and make sure these results respond to the will of the people,” he added, adding that although the formations are sending their own censuses, “the only official data will be the ones they declare CNE “, reports ‘La Prensa’.

Therefore, the CNE has started to examine the minutes of these primaries of the (free) party Libertad y Refundación, the Liberal Party and the National Party (PN, in power), which were involved in one of the pandemic and allegations of corruption and drug trafficking who brought the US judiciary against President Juan Orlando Hernández and several senior government officials.

In addition to selecting the candidates who will take part in the presidential election, this Sunday voters also chose the names that will appear on the ballot papers to elect the 128 MPs of the National Congress, the 20 of the Central American Parliament and the Mayors and mayors in November City councils of nearly 300 cities in the country.

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