The head of the coup in Sudan says the next elections could take place in “a year and a half”.

The leader of the October 25 coup in Sudan, Abdelfatá al Burhan, stressed this Monday that the next elections could take place in a “year and a half” after ensuring that a new government would be set up after the Overthrow of the then President Omar Hasan al Bashir in April 2019.

“We are holding consultations with many parties on an appropriate timeframe for the conclusion (preparation) of the elections, including the United Nations Integrated Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS),” said the President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, who served during the insurrection.

In statements to the Russian news agency, he emphasized that “everyone confirmed that there was a year and a half to prepare for the elections,” but emphasized that he himself agreed with this conclusion.

The head of the coup in Sudan says the next elections could take place in “a year and a half”.
The head of the coup in Sudan says the next elections could take place in “a year and a half”.

The Chief of the Army General Staff also stated that Sudan was still in contact with Russia and stated that the two countries “have long cooperated, especially in the military field”. “Our meetings were never suspended,” he said.

In this regard, he stressed that Khartoum will respect the agreement with Moscow to establish a base in the Red Sea, which has been questioned in recent months by the Sudanese government led by Abdullah Hamdok, who was imprisoned during the coup, by Al Burhan terminated myself.

“We have an agreement and the foundation is part of it. We are constantly discussing this issue and we have some objections that need to be addressed. We are loyal to our international agreements and we will complete them,” he said.

Al Burhan’s words come a week after leading an insurrection after weeks of tension between civilian and military elements in the transitional authorities established in 2019, a measure that has been internationally condemned and sparked massive demonstrations in the African country.

The coup leader said Friday that Hamdok – who is under house arrest in his home after being arrested for not supporting the coup – is “the first candidate” for the new executive to be announced this week. However, his government continues to claim to be the legitimate authority and has refused any contact with the military.

According to the transitional authorities, Sudan was the scene of an attempted coup in mid-September by a group of officers of the armed forces who are allegedly connected to former President Omar Hasan al Bashir, which took place in 2019 after months of massive demonstrations against him.

The transitional authorities were established following an agreement between the previous military junta that emerged after the 2019 coup and various civil organizations and political opposition formations. This government has launched a series of social and economic reforms and has reached a peace agreement with key rebel groups in Darfur and other areas of the country.

However, the September attempt sparked an exchange of criticism and accusations between civilian and military elements that exacerbated the political crisis, including Al Burhan’s motions to dissolve the government, which have led to confrontational demonstrations in recent days, authorities and the army.

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