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The Government of Ecuador asks for UN mediation to resolve the unprecedented crisis

October 8, 2019


The Government of Lenín Moreno has asked the UN for mediation in order to resolve the unprecedented crisis Ecuador has faced since last week and the escalation of violence in the context of protests against the measures taken by the Executive.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry has indicated that the Government “has communicated to the United Nations representative in Quito its readiness to receive the support of the UN, which favors the return to social peace and understandings within the country.”

From the Executive, they have agreed with the concern expressed by the UN in recent days regarding the events registered in the country and have denounced that the violence “has included looting, damage to public and private goods, attacks on ambulances, fire from more than a dozen vehicles of the Public Force and the kidnapping of several of its members “.

“After these brutal acts that Ecuador had never before witnessed, there are groups that seek to create chaos in the country and, through coordinated action, raise the level of confrontation and jeopardize the democratic order,” denounced the Government, after Moreno directly held former president Rafael Correa and Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro responsible for the situation.

“These groups certainly do not represent citizens who, even with divergent views on the elimination of subsidies, are open to a dialogue that finds ways to address their concerns in a peaceful manner,” said the Government.

Through the dialogue, he added, “measures that increase the price of tickets in rural areas, credit lines for small farmers, community transport cooperatives and agrarian revival policies” could be considered.

Therefore, the Executive has joined the call of the UN, the Episcopal Conference and other voices that appeal to seek consensus through a peaceful and effective dialogue “and has in this regard transferred its invitation to the representative of the United Nations.

Moreno, who declared last Thursday the state of emergency in the country following protests against economic measures that include, among other things, the end of the fuel subsidy, decided on Monday to move the Government to Guayaquil, the country's second city , while the protests continue.