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The Government of Bolivia recognizes that Interpol has activated the ‘blue notification’ against Evo Morales

November 29, 2019
El depuesto presidente de Boliva, Evo Morales, en 2010.

The deposed president of Boliva, Evo Morales, in 2010. – REUTERS – Archive


The Government of Bolivia has confirmed on Thursday that Interopol has activated the 'blue notification' for former president Evo Morales in order to gather information about his activities and location.

The prosecutor of La Paz, William Alave, explained that this 'blue notification' has been activated in at least 10 countries, as confirmed by the Bolivian newspaper 'La Razón'.

A day earlier Morales has already confirmed that he had received this notification following the complaints filed for a dozen crimes, including “armed uprising,” although this notice does not necessarily imply a request for arrest.

The ex-president, who moved to Mexico after his resignation, has confirmed in a press conference the reception of said notification. “The complaint is against Evo Morales and those who are perpetrators of up to ten crimes, including armed uprising,” he explained.

Morales abandoned power after an electoral process questioned by the Organization of American States (OAS) and after the military and police leadership openly suggested his departure. Instead, Senator Jeanine Áñez declared herself president, on an interim basis until the next election, for which there is no date yet.

“The coup has not been given to Evo, they have given it to an entire country,” Morales insisted on Wednesday on Twitter, from where he has accused his political rivals of wanting to “dismantle” the “Plurinational State” that he established. Upon coming to power. “Fascism does not accept the diversity of cultures and thought. But together we will know how to get up,” he proclaimed.