The Government of Bolivia ensures that the opposition will have “response” to the letter requesting the resignation of Morales

El presidente de Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera

The president of Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera – REUTERS / DAVID MERCADO

García Linera urges Mesa and Camacho to depose his “capricious attitude” and accept the electoral audit


The Vice President of Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera, assured on Thursday that the Government would receive the letter that the head of the Civic Committee of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, intends to deliver to him demanding the resignation of the president, Evo Morales, as well as that he will have “response “.

The Government of Bolivia ensures that the opposition will have “response” to the letter requesting the resignation of Morales
The Government of Bolivia ensures that the opposition will have “response” to the letter requesting the resignation of Morales

“The letter will be received without any problem, is a citizen like any Bolivian and has the right to leave his letter. It will be received and, of course, will have an answer within the framework of the Constitution,” he said in a press conference in La Paz.

Camacho arrived in La Paz on Wednesday after a failed first attempt the day before, when he was surrounded at El Alto International Airport by Morales supporters, forcing him to return to Santa Cruz.

Questioned about the opposition leader's claim, García Linera has considered that Morales's resignation will be to “bury democracy” in Bolivia, without giving details about what the government response will be.

“To him and his people I respond with the Holy Bible. Leviticus 19.12: 'Do not hate your brother in your heart.' And, finally, with a word from Thessalonians 3.5: 'And the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and the patience of Christ. 'That is the best answer, “he has sentenced.

García Linera has taken the opportunity to reiterate the call of the Government to both Camacho and the opposition candidate Carlos Mesa to depose his “capricious attitude” and accept the result that throws the audit that the Organization of American States (OAS) is making of the presidential elections of the October 20 to determine if there was fraud.

“Everything would have been solved with the simple fact of saying 'I accept my defeat',” he considered. On the contrary – he has recriminated them – they have chosen to maintain the mobilization in the streets giving rise to episodes of violence that are going to make Bolivia “a global shame”.

Specifically, the 'number two' of the Executive has referred to the events of Wednesday in the city of Cochabamba, where officials and opponents clashed with a balance of one dead and about 90 injured.

“Yesterday must be described as the day of shame, it is the day of martyrdom, yesterday thousands of humble women, many carrying their babies, in a march for peace were brutally attacked, beaten and whipped by a band of motorcycle paramilitaries, “he lamented.

García Linera has asked them to “not destroy Bolivia in that way”. “Mr. Mesa, Mr. Camacho, is enough to promote violence. Accept the institutional and democratic way, the OAS audit,” he said, according to the official news agency ABI.

The protests in Bolivia broke out the same night of the presidential elections held on October 20 due to the sudden suspension of the transmission of official results just when they forced a second round between Morales and Mesa.

When he resumed, almost 24 hours later, they granted Morales the first round victory, so Mesa has denounced a “gigantic fraud.” Both called for the mobilization of their own, which has resulted in riots. At least three people have died and more than 190 have been arrested in these two weeks.

In this context, Morales has agreed that the OAS, supported by countries such as Spain, Mexico or Peru, conduct a binding electoral audit. Mesa, on the other hand, does not accept it because it says it is the result of a unilateral agreement between the Government and the hemispheric bloc without regard to the opposition.

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