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The Government asks Chileans to “get out of the street and start a dialogue” after the agreement on the Constitution

November 15, 2019
El presidente de Chile, Sebastián Piñera

The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera – AGENCIA UNO / SEBASTIAN BELTRAN GAETE


The Chilean Government has concluded the agreement reached in the early hours of Friday by the political parties to launch the constitutional process, in response to the wave of demonstrations that the country has suffered in the last month, although it has considered that the time to “get out of the street and start talking”.

The Government asks Chileans to “get out of the street and start a dialogue” after the agreement on the ConstitutionThe Government asks Chileans to “get out of the street and start a dialogue” after the agreement on the Constitution

The spokeswoman, Karla Rubilar, has attributed the merit of this “great agreement” to Chileans. “The citizens woke us up and it is the citizens who decide. It is the people who win with this agreement,” he said at a press conference.

Therefore, although he stressed that the Government is going to be “very respectful of the people who want to demonstrate peacefully”, he has defended the need to look up and understand that today it is perhaps better to leave the street and start a dialogue ” .

“It is a historic opportunity and we want you to help us,” he said. “Our call is to get down to work … to realize the dreams and desires of the urgent social agenda and how we are going to build this house of all that is the new Constitution,” he stressed, according to local press .

The parties of the ruling coalition, Chile Vamos, and the opposition, except the Communist Party, have reached an agreement in the last hours to celebrate a referendum next April in which Chileans decide if they want a new Constitution and How do you want it made?

The president, Sebastián Piñera, has not yet spoken. Nor was he at the head of the marathon negotiations that began Thursday morning, Rubilar explained, to give prominence to the parties. According to Chilean media, he was responsible for internal contacts in Chile Vamos.

“He did not appear yesterday (Thursday) because he humbly acknowledged that yesterday was the time of the National Congress”, but “he is very happy, very glad to see that we are taking firm steps towards advancing the agreement for peace, towards that social peace that it is fundamental (…) to cement the constitutional change, “he said.

The idea of ​​directly reforming or drafting a new Constitution was not based on the political parties, but on the protesters who, since October 17, have almost daily taken to the streets of Santiago, Valparaíso, Concepción and other cities.

The protests began with the fourth rise in the price of the subway in a few months but grew rapidly to denounce social inequality and demand a constitutional change.

Piñera, who initially reacted by declaring a state of emergency, promulgated a “social agenda” to respond to the demands of Chileans and remodeled the Government to carry it out.

Despite this, the protests continued, which led the head of state to weigh the constitutional reform. “We are absolutely available to discuss changes to our Constitution. That may end in reforms or in a new one, but within the channels established by our democracy,” he said.

Chileans have continued to demonstrate despite the fact that negotiations between parties to achieve constitutional change had already started. Thus, Plaza Italia, epicenter of the popular mobilization in Santiago, has dawned this Friday lined with white and with a clear message: “Peace”.

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