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The good legal protection of a business is part of its success

February 20, 2020

When you start a project your resources are limited, but it is not a pretext to dispense with the legal management

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One of the keys to achieve a successful venture is to solve a need we have had. And this is the case of Critias León, a lawyer specializing in Human Rights who is now CEO of Tienda Legal, an automated legal management app for startups.

The good legal protection of a business is part of its successThe good legal protection of a business is part of its success

Years ago, Critias had to resort to the services of lawyers, in spite of being she herself, to solve a series of situations with a company of events and parties that she had founded. The experience could not be worse: he placed his trust in his partners, without documenting the relationship, and at the end of the road he had to spend more than he expected to regain his peace of mind.

But life takes us on many paths: Critias had the opportunity to partner with GLZ Abogados and Eterna to create a Digital Legal Solutions for Startups platform, an app that seeks to solve the main problems that cause up to 75% of startups to close afterwards. of the second year: weak finances and poor legal procedures.

Critias did his homework. He found that 89% of startups start with their own investment. This translates into businesses that do not have much cash flow and finance focused on issues such as marketing or distribution. The legal leave it for another time, and this is obviously a big mistake.

“s make mistakes to save money, either in free online advice or following advice from relatives and strangers. They even download machotes or contract templates on web pages, which compromises both their own contracts and those of other companies. The results are not as expected and, in the long run, these projects may grow but end up operating without the protection of legality. This, in the short term, is a problem in finance, ”says Critias León.

With this panorama, Legal Store was created.

This app allows, through an Artificial Intelligence, that users manage legal processes (civil, corporate, labor, etc.) in an automated way, at a cost considerably lower than the fees of a lawyer.

If required, at the request of the user, he is automatically assigned a legal advisor who attends him in real time for special cases.

“Running unnecessary risks that can harm a business is not an option today. Competitiveness and resource management can be accelerated with the support of technology, ”concludes the specialist.

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