The G7 will announce an action plan to deal with future pandemics

The G7 will announce a plan of action this Saturday to address future health crises in the first 100 days after addressing global recovery this Friday, the first day of their appointment.

The leaders of the group – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States – will meet in Cornwall and on their second day will present the “Carbis Bay Declaration” in which they adopt a series of measures that aim to prevent future pandemics after the effects of COVID-19.

“Over the past year the world has developed, licensed, and manufactured several effective coronavirus vaccines at a good pace, and is now putting them in the hands of the people who need them … but have to really beat the coronavirus and recover we “to prevent a repetition of such a pandemic,” said British Prime Minister and host of the G7 summit, Boris Johnson.

The G7 will announce an action plan to deal with future pandemics
The G7 will announce an action plan to deal with future pandemics

He has also expressed his “pride” because “for the first time” this Friday, “the world’s most important democracies have come together” to ensure that they will never again be caught “unprepared” for a health situation.

In the first session of the summit, Johnson indicated that they need to make sure they are “not repeating some of the mistakes” made “in the last 18 months or so”. “I think there is the potential to create many, many millions of high-paying and skilled jobs,” he added.

The declaration drawn up this Saturday will contain a plan with a number of concrete measures. These include reducing the time it takes to develop and approve vaccines and treatments for any disease to less than 100 days, strengthen global surveillance networks and genome sequencing capacities, and support reform and strengthening of the World Health Organization (WHO), reports the BBC.

On the flip side, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan hinted at the summit that G7 leaders would “support” US President Joe Biden’s proposal for at least a global minimum tax of 15 percent. “

“The United States is bringing the world together so that big multinational corporations pay their fair share so that we can invest in our middle class at home,” he wrote on his Twitter profile.

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